Thursday, August 28, 2014

August 25, 2014

so life here has been great! being a Zone Leader is super busy, i have had one full meal time since being here, but so far yeah, its been GO GO GO! i love it! its so much different than cherbourg, i dont really know what to say, but i recorded a thing for you to listen to, its pretty much my weekly email, but vocal. i hope you like it cause it was kinda fun. i might start doing it more often. normally id write too but because we are always movin movin movin we have a lesson to go to, so i gotta cut short! i love you all, Bisous!
oh speaking of bisous i got bised. for the first time! i lasted almost a year! but yeah. broke a mission rule, bised by anne marie. dirty dirty.... :P

okay so ill send the audio thing next week, cause i really gotta scadaddle!
bye errbody!

this is my new comp, this is "goodbye cherbourg"

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August 18, 2014

yeah thats right. birthdays and such! it was good! we had a super fun week this eek, i honestly dont even know if i can wrap it all up!
firstly, last pday we went to utah beach!  so that was pretty sick actually! theres a less active out there so we took an hour of our pday to go down there and see how hes doing, then we took the bonus hour of pday to check out a cool historical sight! :P
also, we were walking around in city center and this guy said "hey brothers" so we turned around and this guy was like "im algerian, i dont want anything from you, i just want to give you a present." digs in his pocket, "hold out your hands" kindly places a walnut in my hands and a hazelnut in Elder Jenness'... then he smiled and walked away. pretty sure he cursed us or something, so we threw the nuts in the ocean... :P
Marcos girlfriend wants to move back in but he was like "back it up lady! ive made a commitment to the missionaries, to the church, and to god. we cant live together until we are married. so you move in to your moms house, finidh your divorce, then come see me" he then gave her the chastity, word of wisdom pamphelets, and a book of mormon saying "read it, then youll understand. and if we do get married you will not stop me from having members at the house or from going to church and participating as a member." then he brought up the sabbath day saying "and ive been thinking about my restaurant, normally sundays are pretty proftable days, but that would be breaking the sabbath, so i decided im going to close on sundays instead of mondays" all on his own! that was on the hit list of thinkgs we needed to talk to him about! so holy ow! hes on the ball! so prepared.
we had a pretty good family home evening with the african ladies, and we are having another one tomorrow before i leave to TOURS! i was called as a zone leader, and will now be serving in tours, so heres my new address:
les missionnaires
Elder Oviatt
5 imp. 10 rue de Metz
37000 Tours
and yeah! pretty solid week! :)
tons of love
Elder Kaden Geezer-pants Oviatt
Utah beach
My lovely district
Esthers son James has startd loving wearing our tags, :P

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Saturday, August 9, 2014

August 4, 2014

oh my goodness, yeah! just an all around rad week! life is going grrrreeeat! :)
so the begining of the week wasnt that amazing, but the last few dayse were fantastic! especially sunday.
so marco... heres a quickie update:we decided hes probabl not stable enough to teach, but if hes progressing we will continue to teach him, so thats what weve been doing. after we decided that he called us to drop us, so we were like sweet, that was easy, then he called us the next day, needing someone to talk to, we went over, explained that we love him, we love teaching him and we love helping him with his problems, but the best way we can help him is by showing him the path to christ, and that us listening is just wasting his time and ours. and if he was interested he would listen and not interrupt, and that if he ever dropped us again that it was over. we were very strict, but we needed to be. he accepted, and then later he came to church, HE BORE HIS TESTIMONY! so cool. so pure! but yeah, hes trying to open a brasserie so like a pub, and before church we caught him smoking around the corner. so we decided to have another make or break lesson, and we went in, had what was planned to be a super hard lesson, but then he was like, guys i understand the word of wisdom... i just have some weaknesses, then he told us how much progress hes made, and theeeen we broght up the brasserie, and he was like, im not selling alcohol at the brsserie... then he showed us his menu and sure enough! it was sooooooooo so relieving. man i dont even know why i doubt him sometimes! :) so prepared.
  tuesday was dstrict meeting, that was good, wednesday we had a sweet FHE with the recent converts, it was SOO fun. we watched the testaments (sorry to non members reading this, you can get a copy of this movie from my parents or you can request it on and Esther was quoting every scripture and when Jesus came to the americas she was freaking out! she was like"thats jesus why are you leaving!?" "oh! go get other people!!!!" "take your dad to be healed!!!"  it was hilarious, but so good. they loved it!:) then otherEsther made rice and chicken and we had lunch there, and Esther gave me a jar of her imported african 'piment' its like, hand ground chilies. SOOOO HOT. ive really started liking spicy food since coming on my mission!
and on saturday we taught4 lessons in the road! 1 became a new investiator and two others we got their info and stuff, so they will be amis soon anyways! it was a good day!
and on sunday we got to bless Maddalenas children! like "name and a blessing" blessing. so that was cool, its going to be great with my future wife "dont worry, ive done this before" haha, maybe its not funny, but i think its oging to be pretty good! :P but yeah! i love it! missions are AMAZING. be safe friends, <33333
Elder Jean-Michel (every french persons name) Oviatt

July 28, 2014

yeah, so Esther has literally been SOOOO prepared by the lord, and was supposed to be bpatized a month ago, but she was amazingly pregnant, then she had her baby and had to wait 2 weeks after she had it to be baptized. she was super sad to have to wait, and she had even had her baptismal interview a month ago, so she had to re-do it, but she was still ready as ever, and she was super super excited! she asked me to do the baptism, so that was cool, elder Jenness came into the ocean with us so he could be one of the witnesses and actually hear that i was saying it right! Turns out Esther is afraid of the water and we got about waist deep and she had a mild panic attack so i stopped her, we said a quick prayer together, and kept going. we didnt go as deep as i would have liked, i was worried i wouldnt be able to get her all the way under, but she couldnt go any further, and so i said "itll have to do!" and right as i went to dunk her a big wave came so i didnt have to go as low as i should have, nd it went perfectly! definitly a little miracle, i dont know what she would have done if she had to be dunked twice. God loves his children! the talks at the baptism were amazing, and the spirit was so strong! Marco couldnt make it, but he was there at church for the confirmation, and even though it was in english im sure he still understood the spirit testifying. so cool. Marco is still super legit, hes been listening to us, and talking to his girlfriend about us, usually when we teach a "big" commandment he laughs or acts like he cant do it, then the next time we go he like talks to us about how good hes been doing with it, like for the law of chastity, his girlfriend isnt living with him, but he was planning on her moving in in a couple months, but i explained that after his baptism that would be willingly and knowingly committing a sin, and that it was worse than before, and he said "well thats how its gotta be" and i was like "we cant baptize you if youre planning on sinning... just tell her that if shes serious about you she will live on her own for hte next 5 months till you can get married" nad he laughed, i decided we would just re-visit the commandment again later, wasnt worth arguing about it... then the enxt time we went he was like "i talked to my girlfriend about not moving in and yeah..." and he goes on and on about how great obeying commandments is. hes super cool, but hes still goig through a really hard time right now, so kep him in your praers! also we found a new investigator! dont know how legit he is yet, we taught him a little and asked if we could teach him more, and he aid, yeah not today, but like, tomorrow? or this afternoon... so yeah we set up a lesson with him for tuesday, so well find out! his name is cerge, so yeah, itd be cool if you prayed for him too! i love all of you so very much! keep being lovely, <3
-Kaden Frenchbread Oviatt
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July 21, 2014

ike i said, nothing too exciting :P this week has been pretty uneventful... didnt get a ton of lessons, didnt get a ton of much except sun! i sunburned my face and forhead, that was embarrassing... and i have a pretty wicked glasses-tan which is also rather unsightly... last pday was sweet though! you know how we left to go check out beautiful things? well we went to a massive lighthouse! it was swee! we went up inside it, it was cool :) i took alot of pictures! i live in such a beautiful place! we also explored a huge cemetary, and we found some canadians that died in the wars, and we found a guy whos name was lebaron, and some that were like crypts, they were super cool. we sorta got distracted in there for a long time... :P but it was a good break! but other than that we did alot of porting, alot of contacting, and a few lessons... oh we went to coutances, a town 2 hours away, there used to be a branch there, but now its just merged with our branch, so they rarely come to church, so we visited a bunch of them! that was pretty chill! but yeah... whats new? Esther is getting baptized on friday! so that will be super cool! obvs ill have pictures for you next week! sorry i have nothing to share, i was bored with this week too... :P

im doing a district meeting on service and i really like this quote!
"Focusing on serving our brothers and sisters can guide us to make divine decisions in our daily lives and prepares us to value and love what the Lord loves. In so doing, we witness by our very lives that we are His disciples. When we are engaged in His work, we feel His Spirit with us. We grow in testimony, faith, trust, and love."
—Ronald A. Rasband, "The Joyful Burden of Discipleship"

have a super duper week! <3
-Kadey Kat

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