Friday, December 19, 2014

December 15, 2014

this glorious week went by SOOOOOOOOO fast, probably because it was raining miracles again, but who know, it could be that we were mission a day cause Elder Smith was sick... but either way it just zipped by!
on tuesday night we taught a couple lessons,
wednesday we went to the gare and said goodbye to sister hopkins, and later we welcomed sister anderson who was in Melun at the same time as me last year, so thats pretty cool!
on thursday things went pretty well, got stood up a couple times, but saw some cool miracles, and shared some good christmas messages! :) lifes been good!
friday we did alot of planning and calls, then we went to the branch christmas party. it was super loud, super unorganized, and super fun! i loved it so much! everybody was laughing and having a good time, and our cool ibnvestigator gabriel came with his wife and son! that was really really cool!
we also found a wallet on the ground on friday and it had a ton of info on the guy but not his phone number, so we called the assistant (my good buddy/ex companiopn) elder christiansen and did some searching to find his phone number. we found it and called him up. we were expecting a super cool christmas miracle, but he was just super greatful and offered us 20 euro but we said no thanks, wished him a merry christmas and we carried on our merry way!
sunday was good as usual, i got to sit with my companion during sacrament meeting, that was weird, its been probably over 6 months since ive done that! :P

life has been good, we are very happy and healthy again, very cheery and excited for christmas!
i love you all, have a good week!

Elder Kaden Oviatt

our  dusty tree
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christmas party!
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Friday, December 12, 2014

December 9, 2014

This week was a busy one for sure!
we had our district meeting on tuesday and that was all fun and stuff, then the Assistants came over and did an exchange in Tours, it was SUPER LEGIT. one of the APs served in Torus last year so he was just havin a blast, and they went and taught some of his old investigators! it was rad! I got to do an exchange with Elder Christiansen, who was my companion a few months ago, so that was dope too getting to hang out and work with him again! during an exchange we were planing on setting a baptismal date with some of our investigators, and Smith and i were thinking late january, but Christiansen was like DECEMBER 27th. its happening. then it did. it was sick!
and on thursday we went over to Orléans and attended their district meeting, which was pretty good, got to be edified and stuff. their district leader is a chimpanzee though. he moved the district meeting back an hour without telling us so we got there an hour and a half early and had to just wait for him. then one of the companionships' train got stopped and they showed up just in time to eat!
THEN we went to Bourges and did some more dope exchanges there, taught a whale load of lessons, so that was sick, and pretty much just tore it up! i love exchanges so much! you get so much stuff done.
then you know the sunday deal, church is good, life is good, everything is just, Good! :)
BONUS DAY! Monday, cause Elder Smith was WAY sick and i wasnt feeling 100% either, we stayed in and rested up, i also swept and mopped and cleaned a bit, and set up a christmas tree i found in the missionary storage cave under the apartment, so its probably 15 years old, but its christmas-y and fun! our apartment is so cozy now! its been a LONG week, spirits have been low and spirits have been high, but for the most part high, yay CHRISTMAS! heres some food for thought; smith and i will be together for last Thanksgiving (we were in the same district) and haloween, canadian thanks giving, american thanksgiving, Christmas, and Soldes(huge french sales) this year. crazy eh?

this is Christiansen and I, and the Cathedral in Bourges

i depart with a covenant of peace.
Elmers Glue

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December 1, 2014

last monday we went to a castle, Chateu Chenonceau, it was pretty sweet -see pictures-
yeah, so basically we actually had a really good week! we had 3 thanksgiving meals, one for our own district meeting, one for the Aleçon district meeting, and one with some members! there was sorta turkey at one of the dinners (turkey sandwich meat) and chicken at theother two, so like, not to shabby! i definitley clogged a few of my bodily functions, arteries, bowels, brain-flow, all that jazz. food-coma(x3) so i cannot complain! i ate so much i wore one of my stretchy dress shirts and its a good thing i did! :P
we did exchanges with Alencon and Orléans elders, so that took a bunch of time, and was super fun!
the assistants are coming to do exchanges this week, thatll be fun, but honestly i cant think of anything to add to this, so you all get a short email this week! :)

peace out,
Elder Oviatt

the castle

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November 24, 2014

this week was pretty sweet! alot happened, without alot happening, ya feel?
so the city's christmas decorations are up and light! they have a skating rink(somehow... its like  +7° every day... in ground cooling or something ridiculously expensive... they have like 5 massive decorated trees around the city, its been good! and theres music that plays in the streets! so festicve. no snow though, so it can only look so much like christmas without snow...
well obvs we had the conference with the entire mission and Elder Cook, that was only super cool! a ton of really cool insights and a VERY strong spirit. it was the coolest conference ive been to. i think it was cooler than it would be to go to Genereal Conference, cause it was very personal and very close. there was a Question/Answer portion, and he had a talk prepared but he decided not to share it because we were spiritually prepared for a different message, so he basically talked about how cool the prophet is and how much he loves all the brethren and why, he gave a very interesting insight to the life of an apostle that i never had before. eye opening and very touching. it was a very cool very spiritual conference!
in other (less cool) news, we got stood up a ton this week, didnt get to see the guy that we set a baptismal date with, so that is probably going to be pushed back a couple weeks, our list of fantastic potentials and current investigators sorta got slimmed down a bit, but hey, thats how life works! time to go find some more people! i actually cant really think of anything that happened other than the Cook conference... OH! yes, okay, so Bouchaîb Afoufou, hes our investigator, he didnt seem to motivated, but he was willing to meet with us cause hes got nothing better to do, but he totally came to church! and it was not like the simplest thing for him to do. so that showed us that sometimes people are just decievingly lazy-looking, and they really do care about what we teach!
and yeah i can pretty much say that thats about it! :) fun-ish week eh?

well, catch ya on the flip-side homies! :)
Elder omlette.

PACKAGES!!!! yay england trips! #ThanksJdawg
and elder ruttan, cause yall know i love that guy!

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