Monday, March 23, 2015

March 16, 2015

okay not out-of-the-ordinary busy, but like, missionary life is a busy time!
so on monday we went up to the top of notre dame, that was pretty cool! real pretty!
theres a cool trick with pigeons that if you scare them they fly a couple feet away, but if you throw something in the air they scatter and fly far away and like, dont come back as fast. and there was a group of like 50 pigeons and people were taking pictures with bread and the pigeons come and land on them and stuff, but then i walked right into the middle and threw my planner in the air and it was like a dusty black cloud of bird flu. i heard a young child scream. it was actually super cool :P AND, i didnt even get pooped on! BONUS!
and on monday night we had a family home evening that was off the hook. there was like 9 people there, we played ping-pong and cards and had a member give a sick spiritual thought, it was dope! investigators eer'where!
then we spend a fair amount of the week preparing Opoku for his baptism, doing the program and all that jazz, the interview ya know? good stuff, and he was totally ready! the baptism was really nice, a spiritual, smooth, and delicious little gathering was held at the church, and there was a fair amount of people there!
we also had transfer news, im staying, no surprise cause im still training, next transfers will be thoroughly interesting though! cause we whitewashed itll be impossible to know who is staying of leaving!
and for the pictures we have the Sekyere father and son duo pre-baptism, and we found black swans. not a terrible surprise cause in Aulnay 98% of people are black! so like, makes sense that the swans are balck too, right? :P
have a great week all you beautiful people, and to those that are less beautiful... well you can have a pretty good week, but not a great week like everybody else. sorry.
our spiritual thought comes from Helaman 5:12. read it, love it, be spiritually fulfilled! if you dont have a book of mormon hit up, and ask for one. two (hopefully) goodlookin guys of girls will come and give you one, and if you want they will explain where it comes from and why its important!
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