Friday, February 28, 2014

February 24, 2014

Hello Hello friends and family, welcome to my life, its pretty dang awesome!

i had a couple funny thigns this week, at district meeting elder Ruttan and I were in charge of the salad, so because we are both canadian we decided to make a traditional canadian salad/side dish! APPLE SALAD! never heard of it? yeah cause we made it up, we just went to the store and bought a couple different types of apples and used a cheese grater to grate the apples up. we thought it was freaking hilarious, and one of the elders in the district lived in canada for like 8 years, so we had him in on the joke and when we brought the bowl of shredded apples out he was like "sweet! apple salad!" and thats all it took! everybody was all over it! they loved it, someone even asked is how to make it and we were like, you buy apples and shred them... it was probably alot funnier from our perspective! silly americans... and silly canadians too i guess!
um we have this storage cell thing, basically a small garage in the basement of our apartment. its called a cave, and its full of all kinds of beautiful treasures! like this week we went down there and brought up 5 massive grocery bags of clothes to sort through! turns out its all ladies clothes... awks, theres still about 3 times as many bags down there! also, we found this super sick rug down there! its like 3 meters long and like 2 wide! its huuuge. so we brought it up and i vacuumed it for about 5 hours and now its under our desks. hot move for sure! our apartment is alot warmer now actually!
lets see, for a semi spiritual note, we fixed a baptismal date with maurice and odile! they are the cutest old couple and they jsut want to follow the gospel as best as they can! so sweet! that was last night and they are so so so freaking killer! also, if you look in the bible dictionary under "moabite stone" youll find a little article talking about something... we went to the louvre and found the real moabite stone! so no biggie! but its kinda a big deal! also i saw the mona lisa and venus de milo or whatever that thing is! cool stuff! :p

much love from your favourite missionary-stud,
Oviatt James Elder Parley Kaden


a cool egyptian tablet! life is craaazy.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

February 17, 2014

so this week had been full of dropped appointments! but it aint no thang, satans just trying to discourage us but we are inside an impenetrable wall of joy and gladness. we are going hard over here, and things are moving! life is good! we only had one friend at chirch on sunday, but it was our new investigator Amoake, from ghana, he is only the freaking sweetest guy, such a cutie! appareantly hes already had the discussions and stuff, he progresses slowly but not too slow considering we found him like 2 weeks ago! hes legit! we had alot of days kinda wasted in paris this week, like we had to do legality for Elder Ruttan so that was half a day killed, we had interviews, so the day wasnt killed, solid day actually! i love presidend Poznanski, hes so cool. i dont have a billion stories or anything! i dont even a have a few, so imma let ya go now, and leave you with some beautiful pictures of yours truly!

this is me us infront of a silly chateau thing, it was big.
second is us at the louvre, but the line was stupid big so instead we went to the museum des invalides(see picute 3)
armor. childrens armor. whaaaaaattttt!?

Elder Oviatt Peacin' the Scene! adios amigos!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

February 10

SO. this transfer is half over already. how did that happen!? its just flying by. at the end of this transfer i will be 1/4 done my mission. DANG!

anyhow, so life is good, not too much to report, lessons are going well, we are going to teach a guy named Sin tonight... that would be fine if he was french but he speaks english, so its going to suck when we have to tell him to repent for all of himself...? right? whateves, hes got cruel parents!
in other real news, Amoake is a new investigator, he was taught by missionaries where he used to live but its been 7 years, he told us the book of mormon is true and he believes joseph smith was a prophet. this one is in the bag! but we found him because we had a meeting with a lady who lived at the same apartment, but she fruged us(didnt show up) but instead we met this guy, WHAAAAT so cool.

huh. what else, Jean-Paul is doing well, he is still wkeptical and all that, 
miguel is doing fine, he still is having the worst life right now, hes going to move before his baptismal date, so poop on that idea. i think moving will do him well though, he needs to get away from all this, so hes headed back to Portugal ,hopefully the missionaries will get the information i send them and they will realize how legit he is. im going to miss him!

lets see, we had exchanges and the district leader came and stayed in melun, that was fun because he bought the sister missionaries for melun a blender, so i used it, made a power shake for breakfast! then i cleaned it and re wrapped it and they have no idea. im so stealthy. ill give it a few weeks then show them a picute of me using it, theyll get so mad! love it. im so silly! anyways ummm, the other night we went porting, we had planned to go to this one neighborhood, decided it was too far so we just did the hous across from us, the first door we knocked opened his door and took up all the time we had for porting, that was the best porting session ive had! 100% success rate! 

everything here is just super sweet! and i found out mcdonalds here has mcflurries, so life just got a whole lot better! :)

Stay Classy,
Elder Sick-Gnar Oviatt

picute legend:
this is the eiffel tower x2
then this is a real road in an area we ported. it has a road sign. what is france doing!?
and this is me and Elder Ruttan drinking hot koolaid, and making stupid faces ofcourse!

February 4

so we found a guy whos name is sin... legitimately, so thats a tad awkward. luckily we teach in french!
this week was BALLIN. so cool, what happened... umm so this week we taught a few lessons, found alot of new potential investiagators, and most importantly, helped people come closer to christ! heck to the yes!
we fixed another baptismal date with miguel, hopefully we can manage to make this one work, and we have a baptismal date with killian and bryan, theirs is next transfer so hopefully i stay here again! me and elder ruttan are a killer team. we also had a zone conference with Elder Kearon, i dont know where he is from or what his role is in the church, but hes an elder and hes gotta be important. he might be in the presiding bishopric or something? the point is it was super sweet. he was super funny and it was more of a massive discussion rather than a talk, which would have been boring! but no it was sweet. this week we had 5 investigators at church! thats nuts! miguel came, killin and bryan came, and this old couple maurice and odile came, they are super cute. i bet that they will get baptised not too far away too. so cool, ive never had that many investigators at church, it was a little stressful! but really fun and i wish it was like that every week with investigators! one other supr cool thing is that bertrand, one of my converts, blessed the sacrament at church! whaaat! that was so super cool! somebody i helped now has the priesthood and i watched him use it. that was a cool feeling! well, ill keep yall updated, but im going to go now! ADIOS!
Elder deliciousness Oviatt

picture descriptions:
this is a sign pointing to the "friendship club" aka Elder Ruttan and I
the second is a normal french sign. no pooping dogs.
thirdly we have a panorama from on top of the arc de triomphe!
and lastly, Elder Ruttan showed me this ghetto little import shop that has rootbeer. everybody in europe thinks rootbeer tastes like medicine so you cant buy it anywhere. unless you pay 2€ a can, worth it. i missed rootbeer!
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