Monday, September 30, 2013

September 30, 2013

so alot happened this week, finally got the whole routine down and stuff, so that's good!

so last Monday during class we were all just sitting there having a nice conversation, and i was playing with my meal card (its on a little spring loaded cord thing so you just swipe and yeah) but i took my key and my meal card off the zippy thing, and then it became a little spring loaded gator-clip. Elder Baldwin was sitting just in front of me out of my reach, so i just sat there stretched out waiting for him to lean his chair back so i could hook it onto his ear. the whole time this was happening Soeur Judas was watching me, she knew what was coming but she let it happen anyways, so mad respect for her. anyways, Elder Baldwin leaned back and i snagged his ear and because it hurt he sat forward, which made the tension higher and it hurt more. it honestly went alot better than i could have imagined.
the next day we had a health meeting. so we went to the health department and they gave us this whole spiel about Belgium having safety rules and stuff and ended it off by saying they needed a blood and stool sample! so the whole rest of the day was filled with poop-citement. my companion puked while doing the stool test. which was funny and stuff, but not worth it.
the next day not alot happened, but that was Wednesday, the day that all the new elders come. i remembered coming and looking up to everybody who wasn't completely new, but now that ive been here for a week i realize they really weren't that special. they were just as clueless as me, they had just been clueless for a couple weeks so they were used to it. that day was pretty exciting though because during our lesson to Christophe i recited the whole first vision in french from memory. it was intense. but Christophe was too busy to be our investigator(who was actually supposed to be our teacher in a couple weeks) so we stopped teaching him. which sucks cause id really like some feedback from him. but oh well, s'est la vie.
then the next day Elder Fults was in San Francisco getting his visa, so i was solo all day. which was a nice break. Soeur Hafen was also in SanFran so me and Soeur Grünke and i were both solo so we kinda jokingly joined up for the day. then that day we also met our new teacher Frère Mayne. he just got back from his mission in Paris so we were all asking him questions and stuff and it just got me so stoked. man there are so many things i am pumped for in France. but later that night our zone leaders, who are leaving in a week, had a party to get rid of all the snacks they had accumulated and so we just went to their room and had nachos and full size chocolate bars and it was sweet! but the best part is that one of our zone leaders used to be a national weightlifting champion, so i jokingly asked if he would bench press me, and he said he would. so i got bench-pressed. that was ridiculous.
the day after that i drew cartoon versions of everyone in our district on the chalkboard, and they were actually pretty sweet! ill attach a picture in another e-mail. Soeur Grünke is going to get her 17 year old sister to write me on my mission! so that's pretty cool since i have only gotten dearelders, and the majority of those were from my mom and Janine, which is still really nice, but i still want some ladies to write me. or even an e-mail. cause i didn't have any e-mails this week. that was awesome to open my computer to.
now to be less of a whiner the day after that we had to teach the sisters a 10-15 minute lesson, and i planned it out, it was on the brother of Jared, and how he asked the lord what to do about the barges being so dark and also how they could get fresh air in them, then god responded my answering his air circulation problem but didn't answer the light issue at first. so then BoJ went and put holes in the barges like the lord said to then after he was done being obedient he prayed again and asked what he should do for light. i just like that part alot because he could have been frustrated that god was telling him what to do about half his problem, but instead he obeyed the commandment and after he had listened to the lord he went back and asked again. then everybody else knows the rest of that story. but if you don't its in ether chapters 2 & 3. even if you do know the story you should read it cause its pretty dang good. 

that's it for today folks!

Elder "tasty-buns" Oviatt

Me and my district at the temple!

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