Monday, October 7, 2013

Oct 7, 2013

Hello Friends and Family, i love you all so very much.

It was very nice to open up my email to all the nice updates, keep it up people cause your letters keep me going. and if you haven't written me yet.. well, i see how it is.
hi my name esy elder toscano tomorrow~!

that was elder you probably figured out.

um so on tuesday we were supposed to have a class at 7, but our teach didnt show up until 8:15 and he just said "i can come at either 7 or 8, you are supposed to have personal study for the hour before or after depending when i come" nice try frere mayne. Nice try. Frere Mayne is also one of our investigators, and i usually take control and plan the lessons and stuff cause i would just rather get things done. elder fults isnt very decisive, but seeing as how he is the senior companion i figured he had better take control. so i forced him to take control by planning the lesson. man im good. but yeah he planned this lesson on eternal families and it was a pretty solid plan, so we went into our lesson and the investigator told us he only had 15 minutes, so i took control of the lesson and completely changed it. i was just following the spirit, it isnt that elder fults' lesson was bad, i just didnt think it fit. and since neither of us had notes about the impromptu lesson we just went with the flow of the spirit. it ended up being probably our best lesson. which is cool, cause it just popped out of nowhere.

im not sure why but the next day our district all felt like we bonded, nothing special happened but we all were thinking about how tight we got, then when one of us said it we all said we felt the same way. so that was interesting to say the least! also we learned a new slogan that day <Ca roule ma poule> ( saa rule mah pool) or "it rolls my chicken" appareantly people use it to make fun of people or something, nobody really could explain it other than that missionaries wouldnt be using slang like that anyways so we didnt need to know how/when to use it.

then the next day we did trc lessons, where members come in and we teach them lessons, me and elder fults didnt take the time to prepare any lessons, we were just going to re-teach the impromptu lesson we taught frere mayne. so we got in there and taught this guy from tahiti, he was the worst at answering questions. we asked him what he did for work and about his family and where he was born, if he was a convert. normally these questions strike up conversations and we can burn a good 10 minutes just talking and throw a spiritual thought in at the end, but nope it lasted less than 2 minutes. so then we had to come up with a lesson, it went pretty good, but our next lesson was way more interesting. we taught this old guy that looked like santa. he was like 74 years old and was born in marseilles france, so talking to him was sweet, we started teaching him and he just kinda took over and taught us a lesson on how to get a meeting from a stranger guaranteed, it was really humorous. he said we need to walk up to a person and ask them all these deep doctrinal questions then when he cant answer tell him we can teach him the answers, and if that didnt work do this and if that didnt work do that. it was amazing, he was just such an enthusiastic guy. i really impressed him with my french! so that was cool to hear too! and later on the same day we had to teach frere mayne again, and in the feedback after he said it was a good lesson but that we need to even out the talking. its not my fault, im not meaning to hog the time, it just happens cause i speak french already pretty good but elder fults takes 45 minutes to come up with one sentance and it ends up being wrong. so i just get frustrated and make him say the prayers and stuff. but i know i need to give him some more opportunities, so thats my fault. ill work on it.

the next day i bough note cards to start working on my conjugations and french grammar and stuff, but then i needed an elastic for it, so i bought a bag of elastics and with the left overs i made a bouncy ball, but it was only the size of a golf ball, so i bought two more bags of rubber bands and now its a little bigger than a baseball, its my pride and joy. then i made like 2 more small ones. because i get really bored here. so ill send pictures of them, cause i love them. then elder baldwin taught me how to play tic-tac-toe inception. its really hard to explain, but its like normal tic tac toe but it takes skill and strategy. we play it alot. one game can last us like a half hour. theeeen later that evening we did some street contacting exercises with the missionaries that are going to the west indies. they actually left last night to go there. but yeah so we did some cool little situations ans stuff, it is hard doing lessons with role play, but they can really help out and invite the spirit too.

oh, and general conference. man. it was sweet. i have 7 pages of notes written down. and there were so many that were just like BAM. that was meant just for me. and also i never realized how much they talk about missionary work. its actually nuts. but i decided every week im going to send some spiritual stuff to help you all out. in Elder Edward Dube of the 70s talk he said in the sight of the lord it is not where we have been or what we have done, but what we are willing to do. i find that super important cause like growing up when mumma would ask me to vaccuum or something i would always whine and be like "but i already cleaned the bathrooms and cleaned the basement" but guess what folks. it dont matter. what matters is that you keep going. full steam ahead. so what if you already baptized 1200 people. get off your butt and baptize another. and another. really this can be applied to anything. so get at it. 

I love you all so very dearly

Love Elder Smooth-Moves Oviatt 

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