Tuesday, February 18, 2014

February 17, 2014

so this week had been full of dropped appointments! but it aint no thang, satans just trying to discourage us but we are inside an impenetrable wall of joy and gladness. we are going hard over here, and things are moving! life is good! we only had one friend at chirch on sunday, but it was our new investigator Amoake, from ghana, he is only the freaking sweetest guy, such a cutie! appareantly hes already had the discussions and stuff, he progresses slowly but not too slow considering we found him like 2 weeks ago! hes legit! we had alot of days kinda wasted in paris this week, like we had to do legality for Elder Ruttan so that was half a day killed, we had interviews, so the day wasnt killed, solid day actually! i love presidend Poznanski, hes so cool. i dont have a billion stories or anything! i dont even a have a few, so imma let ya go now, and leave you with some beautiful pictures of yours truly!

this is me us infront of a silly chateau thing, it was big.
second is us at the louvre, but the line was stupid big so instead we went to the museum des invalides(see picute 3)
armor. childrens armor. whaaaaaattttt!?

Elder Oviatt Peacin' the Scene! adios amigos!

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