Tuesday, February 11, 2014

February 4

so we found a guy whos name is sin... legitimately, so thats a tad awkward. luckily we teach in french!
this week was BALLIN. so cool, what happened... umm so this week we taught a few lessons, found alot of new potential investiagators, and most importantly, helped people come closer to christ! heck to the yes!
we fixed another baptismal date with miguel, hopefully we can manage to make this one work, and we have a baptismal date with killian and bryan, theirs is next transfer so hopefully i stay here again! me and elder ruttan are a killer team. we also had a zone conference with Elder Kearon, i dont know where he is from or what his role is in the church, but hes an elder and hes gotta be important. he might be in the presiding bishopric or something? the point is it was super sweet. he was super funny and it was more of a massive discussion rather than a talk, which would have been boring! but no it was sweet. this week we had 5 investigators at church! thats nuts! miguel came, killin and bryan came, and this old couple maurice and odile came, they are super cute. i bet that they will get baptised not too far away too. so cool, ive never had that many investigators at church, it was a little stressful! but really fun and i wish it was like that every week with investigators! one other supr cool thing is that bertrand, one of my converts, blessed the sacrament at church! whaaat! that was so super cool! somebody i helped now has the priesthood and i watched him use it. that was a cool feeling! well, ill keep yall updated, but im going to go now! ADIOS!
Elder deliciousness Oviatt

picture descriptions:
this is a sign pointing to the "friendship club" aka Elder Ruttan and I
the second is a normal french sign. no pooping dogs.
thirdly we have a panorama from on top of the arc de triomphe!
and lastly, Elder Ruttan showed me this ghetto little import shop that has rootbeer. everybody in europe thinks rootbeer tastes like medicine so you cant buy it anywhere. unless you pay 2€ a can, worth it. i missed rootbeer!

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