Monday, April 7, 2014

April 7, 2014

this week was pretty good! we had a pretty good district meeting on tuesday, and i stayed in evry for an exchange with the district leader. hes super sweet, learned alot! but i think he misunderstood me a little (he only speaks french) he told my comp the best way to get desire to work is to pray daily to have the desire, then act as though you already have it. i thought that was really interesting, and he took that as me needing greater desire to work... so we had a good chat about why im here and the importance of a mission... sorta an awkward mixup, but that probably just means im in for an easy companion! so score for me! um yeah, we had some pretty cool things happen this week, hardly any lessons, but still a decent week. we went out to teach jeanpaul last night during conference so we missed the last session and a half, but while we were there we talked about his baprism and the thinsg we need to do, he had some word of wisdom difficulties(coffee) but his wife, prisca, a recent convert of almost a year re-committed him every single day to follow the word of wisdom! shes an allstar! he also accepted the law of tithing, and so hes doing really well! his date changed to may 17, so i probs wont be there, and he was pretty sad about that, but he said hed keep contact! hes one of the most legit guys! such a strong desire and he doesnt just blindly accept, he needs to have a firm knowledge/understanding before hell agree, which is frustrating but useful in the end! anyways, on the way back to our apartment we ran into Miguel! its been weeks since weve seen him! i missed him so much! such a bro, but we kinda dropped him because he stopped progressing and showing up for lessons... but i think our chat last night was good fr us and him! we wet up a lesson and so im super excited to see him again! :) also, Conference was so sweet! i love conference, its like christmas, but with better gifts cause of spiritual stuff! i loved Hollands talk in priesthood, and oaks' too. this weekend was just grand! 

picture elgend:
1 these little pixel tile-jobs video-game references are all over paris, but this was on rue luiggi! so its extra sick!
2 rue luiggi

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