Wednesday, April 23, 2014

April 14, 2014

yes, and so ends the glorious companionship of Ruttan and Oviatt, the good and plentious blessings together in melun are terminated, my new area is Cherbourg, way up north, so far north theres a ferry to England, so yeah! appareantly its a tiny branch... yaaaay. im not terribly excited about that but that just means more work, more growth and more fun! my companion is the district leader, so that means lots of exchanges which are fun and a great way to learn! im pumped. sad cause elder ruttan and i are best friends, but hey, whateves! 
this week was pretty grand to say the least! we had a pretty stellar amount of lessons to finish off our time together, all the investigators are going to keep progressing and i have no doubt ill see their names come up on the weekly mission list of baptised people! ill keep ya posted on jean paul and everybody! exciting! :)
we started/continued porting in this huge building that a less active lives in, we originally started going there to talk to him but hes never answered, so we gave up and started looking for poeple ther instead, so far its been pretty succesful! we taught 2 lessons and have an appointment for tonight, its sweet! saturday we were in the building porting and we knocked and this lady answered, we gave our little spiel and she said "i am not catholic, or protestant." we said "neither are we" she said "evangelic" "nope" "then youre a sect." and elder ruttan was like "no were not!" and he was laughing a little and his voice went really high in his offended tone cause she was pretty blunt, then they argued a bit and we actually managed to testify and get a return appointment, it was actually a really good contact, but we couldnt help but laugh at how outrageous she was! it was good, just the way elder ruttan responded was priceless. glorious! 
Melun did get t another set of elders though! no new sisters, which is really too bad cause mme moulin could really use daily contact but its nearly impossible for us! 
its been a good week, and im going to miss melun alot, but its going to be good! im excited for what this little town has to hold for me! :) 
well, adios beautiful faces!
Elder Stankin-Rich Oviatt

 yes, thats a massive pan of pre-cut-baconbits. "lardons". they are delish.

yes, thats half a house

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