Thursday, May 1, 2014

April 28, 2014

so this week has been fantasticular and dreamalicious. first off, we had Week 2 district meeting, which just so happens to be a zone meeting too. so we got to meet the zone! unfortunatley the zone conference was in rouen; 4 hours of trains. no way. we had to get up at 4:30 to catch the train. then the last train back was at 5, so we literally burned a whole day. that sucked! but the day was good, lots of bonding and jokes with the district cause we all had to ride the second train from caen (the rest of the district is in caen) to rouen. so that was fun stuff! while we were waiting to catch the train back we went for dinner, 4 elders and 2 sisters, and we hit up this little Kebab shop(kebab is not like shish kebab. its like veal compacted into a massive barrel shape and they shave meat off it into a bun. we had a shop that sells donairs in sherwood park, donair=kebab) but yeah so when we finished eating we looked outside and it was dumping buckets of rain. it was SO glorious. walking less than a block to the train station and i was soaked all the way through my suit and shirt. dripping wet. it was so good! love rain like that!
then on wednesday we had the jehovah's witness-mormon showdown. it sounds a lot cooler that in is, cause we didnt actually see them, we just went to an investigators house, anne-marie, and it had tj (témoin jéhovah) magazines all over and at the end she asked us about jesus being the only one whos allowed to have the melchizedek priesthood and she gave us a piece of tj proselyte and it had like 5 scriptures on it and she told us to prove ourselves right and how she just stumbled upon the question... lies! but its fine cause she actually had alot of good questions so at the next lesson we answered all her other questions first and asked if she had any others and she said no! so obvs this whole priesthood thing wasnt actually bothering her, J-Dubbs were just trying to fight us through her. dirty TJs. dirty dirty TJs. and that night we had pizza at another investigators house, his name is Nizar, hes so legit. so so so legit. he was born muslim but ditched that theory and told us hes seeking the truth. weve been teaching him alot and he agrees with pretty much everything, he jsut needs a testimony about joseph smith. but hes searching with real intent and hes going to find it!
church yesterday was dang sweet too. we have one investigator and a new member that dont speak french. they live together and are refugees, both named esther and both have a son between 1 and 3. so we are translating every class. Man its Exhausting! and even when im not translating im just worried that someone will say something to scare the other investigators off... man church as a missionary is stressful! but this week was good, we had 4 amis at church and the people giving talks addressed the amis by name. so sweet! anne marie told me during sacrament meeting that she is loving church more and more. at the beginning of the week i was really scared about her but i think she secretly knows deep down she wants to become a member.
well, this is one of the better emails ive sent in a while! hope you all enjoyed it! :P 

1 theres a circus in town, as usual... and they had the creeeeeepiest clown.
2 this is our cute little town of cherbourg!

weeeeeellll, adios amigos,
Kaden tastyface oviatt

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