Thursday, May 1, 2014

April 28, 2014


Happy Warm Week! At least, I don't know what the temperature was like up there, but it was nice over here! This was a good week!! We went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders! Only my 3rd exchange this transfer. Wouldn't be a huge deal, execpt I have 2 more to do still. =P We had a super cool experiance with a less active member yesterday. Brother St.-Pierre called us up. We have visited Brother St.-Pierre consistently since I have been here, he has been less active for many a year. Often when we were driving to his place on the way to or from Ottawa, I had the thought, "Why are we even going to see him? He is never going to come to church, he doesn't have a car, his health is very poor, and he has no desire to come even!" So, Sunday during Sacrament meeting we get a call from him and we step out to take the call. Turns out he got admitted into the hospital and is being put on Dialysis. He needed some 'spiritual recharging' as he put it. So we drove down adn bought one of the members with us, and Brother St.-Pierre told us that he wants to comeback to church. He wanted to know if someone would be able to drive him and he would help pay the cost of the trip. And, the Member we brought is the only member from down in his neck of the woods that regularly comes to church, so he said he would be able to take him to church! Ah, it was a great meeting, and Brother St.-Pierre looked much better after we left. We're going back down Wednesday to see him, and We're going to start the lessons. I guess that was why we kept going to see him! That was the only phone call we received from him in 9 months, even though every time we left his place we told him to call us. And trust me, that one phone call in 9 months was totally worth the wait... Oh... What else... We had a branch talent show. I played teh Ukulele. Not very well, but that is OK. it was an extra performance in the show, and besides, the best part of the night was the pie auction, not the talent show. So much pie. =) OH! Today we were going to a members house, to play games. But, the members invited a member who is our age-ish and her Fiance to play games too. And were having a deep-Fry night. So basically were going to spend our MOnday playing games and getting mega fat. We bought the desert to deep fry (Read: 21 dollars of chocolate and candies from the dollarstore). And speaking of getting fat, Everyone has started inviting us over for dinner because I'm leaving soon. We will probably not eat supper alone for the next 2 weeks. I think in the next 7 days we have 8 meals with members. I don't like to think about leaving, but that being said, I should have told all of my areas that I was leaving to go home in 2 transfers so that we could have gotten fed way more! =P P.S. I got accepted into the U of L. So, I'm excited. P.S. We had almost 90 people at church yesterday! It was insane! There were more pople than there were parking spots! There were people parked on the side of the road! It was legit! Man, I love being a missionary!

Elder Oviatt 

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