Monday, July 7, 2014

July 7, 2014

so yeah! this week we got a new mission president! He is super cool, served his mission in utah so his english is pretty good! he is super funny and super spiritual, its going to be good! also we found a 2 new investigators this week! i know that doesnt sound like alot, if anything at all, but they are the first new investigators we have found since Elder Jenness got here! so yeah! blessings from on high! One guy we found, his name is Marco, he is super prepared! we found him on thursday, we were at his apartment building calling people from the door like with the interphone(thats how we say it in french, i dont know what its called anymore) and he yelled at us from his balcony
"did you call me?"
"what do you want?"
"were here to pray with you and to invite the love of god into your life!"
"that doesnt interest me."---goes inside---
so we kept calling people then a few minutes later he pops his heard back out and said "you got 5 minutes"
we were up there for a good half hour, and yeah! hes actually so prepared for the gospel its crazy! we were in his neighborhood the next night and we were doing some more tracting, and he bumped into us and said "when youre done here come back over!" so we did and during the lesson he asked us super shyly "hey so like i dont know if its okay to ask this, but can i join you guys? like join your community?" and we were like GAH FYES! so we gave him the church address and he totes came to church! it was a freakin miracle! i loved it! Jenness loved it, it was GLORIOUS. so yeah... BLESSINS FROM ON HIGH.
and ESTHER HAD HER BABY! so she was waiting to have her baby before being baptized, and she had it! so now she'll be baptized probs in the ocean in 2 weeks! so sick! her baby is so cute! did you know black babies are born white? i guess the black comes later... were going over to the hospital tonight to see her again, so sick! BABIES! we were in the hospital with Ester, and Esther(the one who didnt just have a baby) and Jamie and Maddalena, and Esthers kid, and Maddalenas 3 kids. it was crazy. Africans man, they just always have a good time! we had fun at the hospital hanging wit the kids while the parents were gabbing, then i intercepted the baby and yeah, you know me and babies! it was nice :) so yeah! pretty freakin SWEET week!
also, i ordered onesies on! so sick :P
 yeah! :) lifes good! Elder Jenness and I are here for another 6 weeks, going to TEAR IT UPPPP! -paper shredder style-

peace out my sistaz and brothaz!
your friend in the field
Elder Kaden ordinary Oviatt

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i forgot to show you how much the baby has. he was born with an afro :P
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