Monday, July 7, 2014

June 30, 2014

hi so weve had a pretty crazy week! for starters, my companion, Elder Jenness, turns out we are related! i wanted to print off my geneology to teach some new converts about the ressources the church has, and while we were on the site we printed elder Jeness' too, and on the way to the lesson Elder J was like "DUDE. WE HAVE COMMON ANCESTORS." and sure enough, we are 4th cousins! POWERHOUSE TEAM! BAM. just like that! thats how its dooooone! im pretty psyched by it... ( he also just found out that he has a chain on his ancestry that goes all teh way to adam and eve... Sick right!?)
what else? oh! i went to Caen to give a baptismal interview, and he wasnt ready. he didnt believe joseph smith was a prophet, so i told him to pray and study it out overnight and id see him first thing the enxt day before my train, and he did, stayed up till 3, woke up at 6, and just had a real battle trying to figure it out, but when he came to the interview he was at peace, and he just told me he knows joseph smith was a prophet. he told me how late he was up and everything, but didnt tell me exactly what changed to make him believe, but he had a real change. it was so cool. i was putting alot of faith in god by telling him that if he went home and honestly poured his soul out to god that he would get his answer, and he did! super cool. :)
Esther also had her interview, and she passed, but we decided we are going to wait a couple weeks till after she has her baby (shes due on saturday, and looks like she was due a month ago. she is HUGE!) but yeah! another crazy thing happened too! not good crazy this time... we were porting and this guy yelled at me from the window, here how the convo went:
-you called me?
-what do you want?
-were here to pray with you
-sorry i dont understand...
-come up here and see.
-if youll let us pray with you!(i realized at this point he was confrontational, but decided to stay anyways)
-im coming down to let you in.
-okay cool!
-DEGAGE----naked man runs at us, we turn to run away, he slams on both of our shouldersr and yells some profanities. Elder Jenness looks back at him as the Fat naked man winds up and punches me straight in the shoulder. I look back and almost ran at him, but didnt. we just walked away, then the man yells some more-----
-Calm down sir.
-get the crap out of here
-were going!
----more yelling----
-i will call the police.
-ill kill you!
----then we walked away from the aggressive crazy drunk guy...----

so theres that little diddy for ya!
and that about sums up the week! hope this next one is a little safer!
-Kaden crusty Oviatt

"Not all the whirlwinds in life are of your own making. Some come because of the wrong choices of others, and some come just because this is mortality. … Challenges will come to you, but as you trust in God, they will strengthen your faith."
—Neil L. Andersen, "Spiritual Whirlwinds"

so we found this sick forest, its like, frances sacred grove. this is only one of the billion pictures i took...
and this is the sick sky we had yesterday!

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