Thursday, August 28, 2014

August 18, 2014

yeah thats right. birthdays and such! it was good! we had a super fun week this eek, i honestly dont even know if i can wrap it all up!
firstly, last pday we went to utah beach!  so that was pretty sick actually! theres a less active out there so we took an hour of our pday to go down there and see how hes doing, then we took the bonus hour of pday to check out a cool historical sight! :P
also, we were walking around in city center and this guy said "hey brothers" so we turned around and this guy was like "im algerian, i dont want anything from you, i just want to give you a present." digs in his pocket, "hold out your hands" kindly places a walnut in my hands and a hazelnut in Elder Jenness'... then he smiled and walked away. pretty sure he cursed us or something, so we threw the nuts in the ocean... :P
Marcos girlfriend wants to move back in but he was like "back it up lady! ive made a commitment to the missionaries, to the church, and to god. we cant live together until we are married. so you move in to your moms house, finidh your divorce, then come see me" he then gave her the chastity, word of wisdom pamphelets, and a book of mormon saying "read it, then youll understand. and if we do get married you will not stop me from having members at the house or from going to church and participating as a member." then he brought up the sabbath day saying "and ive been thinking about my restaurant, normally sundays are pretty proftable days, but that would be breaking the sabbath, so i decided im going to close on sundays instead of mondays" all on his own! that was on the hit list of thinkgs we needed to talk to him about! so holy ow! hes on the ball! so prepared.
we had a pretty good family home evening with the african ladies, and we are having another one tomorrow before i leave to TOURS! i was called as a zone leader, and will now be serving in tours, so heres my new address:
les missionnaires
Elder Oviatt
5 imp. 10 rue de Metz
37000 Tours
and yeah! pretty solid week! :)
tons of love
Elder Kaden Geezer-pants Oviatt
Utah beach
My lovely district
Esthers son James has startd loving wearing our tags, :P

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