Saturday, August 9, 2014

August 4, 2014

oh my goodness, yeah! just an all around rad week! life is going grrrreeeat! :)
so the begining of the week wasnt that amazing, but the last few dayse were fantastic! especially sunday.
so marco... heres a quickie update:we decided hes probabl not stable enough to teach, but if hes progressing we will continue to teach him, so thats what weve been doing. after we decided that he called us to drop us, so we were like sweet, that was easy, then he called us the next day, needing someone to talk to, we went over, explained that we love him, we love teaching him and we love helping him with his problems, but the best way we can help him is by showing him the path to christ, and that us listening is just wasting his time and ours. and if he was interested he would listen and not interrupt, and that if he ever dropped us again that it was over. we were very strict, but we needed to be. he accepted, and then later he came to church, HE BORE HIS TESTIMONY! so cool. so pure! but yeah, hes trying to open a brasserie so like a pub, and before church we caught him smoking around the corner. so we decided to have another make or break lesson, and we went in, had what was planned to be a super hard lesson, but then he was like, guys i understand the word of wisdom... i just have some weaknesses, then he told us how much progress hes made, and theeeen we broght up the brasserie, and he was like, im not selling alcohol at the brsserie... then he showed us his menu and sure enough! it was sooooooooo so relieving. man i dont even know why i doubt him sometimes! :) so prepared.
  tuesday was dstrict meeting, that was good, wednesday we had a sweet FHE with the recent converts, it was SOO fun. we watched the testaments (sorry to non members reading this, you can get a copy of this movie from my parents or you can request it on and Esther was quoting every scripture and when Jesus came to the americas she was freaking out! she was like"thats jesus why are you leaving!?" "oh! go get other people!!!!" "take your dad to be healed!!!"  it was hilarious, but so good. they loved it!:) then otherEsther made rice and chicken and we had lunch there, and Esther gave me a jar of her imported african 'piment' its like, hand ground chilies. SOOOO HOT. ive really started liking spicy food since coming on my mission!
and on saturday we taught4 lessons in the road! 1 became a new investiator and two others we got their info and stuff, so they will be amis soon anyways! it was a good day!
and on sunday we got to bless Maddalenas children! like "name and a blessing" blessing. so that was cool, its going to be great with my future wife "dont worry, ive done this before" haha, maybe its not funny, but i think its oging to be pretty good! :P but yeah! i love it! missions are AMAZING. be safe friends, <33333
Elder Jean-Michel (every french persons name) Oviatt

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