Tuesday, September 2, 2014

September 1, 2014

ill give a decent email this week :P
okay so on monday we had a family home evening at the church, it was super cool! Julian, he is a recent convert, from england, and he just got baptized a month ago, he came to the family home evening, and a less active guy we have been teaching alot, and a family in the branch who are just super cool. Fr K, the member, he is a convert aswell, he was islamic, and his name is muhhammud, which is pretty cool, cause you dont see muslim converts a ton! but he is super cool. we were having hotdogs at the FHE, and hes like "no thanks, i dont eat porc" and were like ,dude youre not muslim anymore :P it was pretty funny!
then on tuesday we had a busy day of running from lesson to lesson, good day for sure! we had a lesson with a guy named Daniel, and hes super legit, but he is really fed up with waiting for his papers, without papers he cant work, without work hes goin crazy! so yeah, it was a little tough, but we had a good lesson.
wednesday we had "week 2 district meeting" which is basically zone conference, us the zone leaders give the zone presidents vision for the tranfer, help them see what president envisions and stuff, and we give a training, then we all break out into district meetings and then we finish by eating together! :) it was a good time, and our lesson went pretty good. i was a little stressed to give a training with someone, cause as a district leader its solo, but now i have to share it, so its weirder for sure!
on thursday we went on exchanges with the Assistants to the president, and i was super nervous, cause like they make alot of big decisions! and im a new zone leader so i had to make a good impression! but it went well, i had a super fun time and we worked Versailles real hard. Errbodys gettin baptized.
then on friday we woke up early and left the Assistants, we went up to laon to pick up elder Cramers legal stuff so he doesnt get deported-------listen to voice recording------- and then that night we slept in paris with the Zone leaders in Paris Lillas, who just so happens to be ELDER RUTTAN! :) so yeah, sleep over with the sickest missionary in the mission, whatup! :)
saturday we caught a train back to tours, taught daniel again, decided to do a fast with him so he can recieve an answer if this church is true, and he left to paris, so hes going to be there for a week or so, but we hope hes doing well! we also set a baptismal date with him! also, ---JUMP CUT TO CHERBOURG--- marco totally got baptized! no way right!? so cool. then we visited this family, they were on vacation but they are home now. the mom is american, dad is french, and he is in the branch presidency, they ahve a son who is 4 and one who is 2, and the 4 year old speaks french and english, its sick. both the parents are bilingual and actually have perfect english, it was a good time over there! they are super cool :)
then sunday was pretty good, no investigators at church, but we had a good time! after church we did a ton of weekly planning and preparing our training for tomorrow,
and now its today!
thats pretty much my week! ill send you a picture of this crazy train/monorail/rollercoaster we had to ride. laon is built on a mountain and so the old part of the city is up on top of the mountain, and the rest is down on the ground, so to get up the the government buildings and stuff you have to ride the train-o-rail-o-coaster!
well, thats about it. peace our hermanas.
-elder Stankinfresh Oviatt

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