Monday, September 8, 2014

September 8, 2014

awkward... well! huh, i got 7 minutes.
this week was sick! we had Zone conference in Angers, and that was super cool, we found a new investigator for the elders there and now they are teaching him! the training elder Cramer and I gave was pretty sweet, the assistants and the mission presidents wife was there! stressful! :P haha no it was good. 
On friday we, being all the france paris mission and the france lyon mission had a day of finding.----listen to recording---- and on sunday we had a couple investigators come to church! today we went to a museum in tours, and they had a painting by Monet! so that was cool! :P lots of real old art, there was a couple things from before Jesus Christ. so like, thats pretty old! :P ill attach some pictures.
WE HAVE BEDBUGS IN OUR APARTMENT. the apartment got sprayed the week before i arrived, but they are back, and ive been feasted upon. Cramer has no bites, but im like, hardcore munched.
but its been sick, :) sorry for failing at emailing this week... its been busy!

this is the monet painting and this is a crazy tree/roots in a park by our house.

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