Friday, December 12, 2014

December 1, 2014

last monday we went to a castle, Chateu Chenonceau, it was pretty sweet -see pictures-
yeah, so basically we actually had a really good week! we had 3 thanksgiving meals, one for our own district meeting, one for the Aleçon district meeting, and one with some members! there was sorta turkey at one of the dinners (turkey sandwich meat) and chicken at theother two, so like, not to shabby! i definitley clogged a few of my bodily functions, arteries, bowels, brain-flow, all that jazz. food-coma(x3) so i cannot complain! i ate so much i wore one of my stretchy dress shirts and its a good thing i did! :P
we did exchanges with Alencon and Orléans elders, so that took a bunch of time, and was super fun!
the assistants are coming to do exchanges this week, thatll be fun, but honestly i cant think of anything to add to this, so you all get a short email this week! :)

peace out,
Elder Oviatt

the castle

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