Friday, December 19, 2014

December 15, 2014

this glorious week went by SOOOOOOOOO fast, probably because it was raining miracles again, but who know, it could be that we were mission a day cause Elder Smith was sick... but either way it just zipped by!
on tuesday night we taught a couple lessons,
wednesday we went to the gare and said goodbye to sister hopkins, and later we welcomed sister anderson who was in Melun at the same time as me last year, so thats pretty cool!
on thursday things went pretty well, got stood up a couple times, but saw some cool miracles, and shared some good christmas messages! :) lifes been good!
friday we did alot of planning and calls, then we went to the branch christmas party. it was super loud, super unorganized, and super fun! i loved it so much! everybody was laughing and having a good time, and our cool ibnvestigator gabriel came with his wife and son! that was really really cool!
we also found a wallet on the ground on friday and it had a ton of info on the guy but not his phone number, so we called the assistant (my good buddy/ex companiopn) elder christiansen and did some searching to find his phone number. we found it and called him up. we were expecting a super cool christmas miracle, but he was just super greatful and offered us 20 euro but we said no thanks, wished him a merry christmas and we carried on our merry way!
sunday was good as usual, i got to sit with my companion during sacrament meeting, that was weird, its been probably over 6 months since ive done that! :P

life has been good, we are very happy and healthy again, very cheery and excited for christmas!
i love you all, have a good week!

Elder Kaden Oviatt

our  dusty tree
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christmas party!
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