Monday, July 6, 2015

July 6, 2015

This week started out pretty Horribly. Solds shopping was almost a total bust, it would have really failed, except we found sweet wife-beats, normally I'd be like "naw, I can't wear that..." But we have been playing basketball 5 times a week, so we felt justified to get team wife-beats, just like the good ol' days, :)
But Monday night was sweet cause we did a bunch of calling like last week and totally filled out week to the brim! Fun fact, EVERYBODY ANSWERS THE PHONE ON MONDAYS! Okay, not everyone, but enough to fill the week, so what more could ya ask!? Dang hot out though.
Tuesday we had a sick district meeting, we brought baguettes and cheese, which makes our part of the meal super cheap and also no preparation involved. Glorious. Then after that I went on exchanges with my step-brother (he was trained by my second trainer or step-dad) Elder Madsen. All of our appointments for that day weren't super solid cause I knew that I'd be working with ZL Madsen so he'd be down to go hard in contacting with me. That was my favorite thing when I was a ZL, just to come in and tear up an area then leave them with tons of blessings! So I figured I'd give that joy to another :) we had a really good time, went hard in the paint, as expected! The heat started to get bad. I slept with a frozen water bottle, and managed to get through the night.
Wednesday HAPPY CANADA DAY! I was reppin' my sweet Canadian shoelaces while I was frolicking through the the balloons and streamers and other Canada themed articles. But aside from that wondrous event, the day started out poopy... Woke up, got a call from the assistants saying that they could see all the apps, movies, music and websites I've visited/downloaded with my iPad since Friday and that I had to give it back... Just kidding, sorta. So the story goes that half the iPads, so like 150 iPads got stolen out of the mission home, so instead of each missionary getting their own iPad they are doing one iPad per set of missionaries, so they asked for mine back. So first thing Wednesday I had to go deliver my new technology so there's could have he same wonderful tool for their teaching! It's seriously pretty useful! But we had a sweet lesson with Michel, then we went for my physiotherapy, and we finished the day by going to Franqui's house, but we were way late so we shared a message and set up an appointment for Saturday. The heat peaked and warmed up he whole apartment, took a cold shower before going to bed, apps again slept with the frozen water bottle, but it melted and by 3 or 4 I was steamy and wide awake. Bad sleep.
Thursday was sweet, started out by trekking through a big park in the open sun so we could get to a less actives house, Chriso, it went really well, he's a super nice chill dude! We went straight from him to Basile, and you all know how much I love Basile. He is so cool! We showed up today and he was feeling a lot better, and we had a good chat and then he's like, well, where's the message!? He's like 6'6" and 70 something, lanky old black dude, he's so sick. Shortly after that we bounced on over to the wonderful Guerrero's abode, where we gave a sweet message and ate a delicious meal before goin home. Thursday night was the same as Wednesday. Insufferable.
Friday was good, got stood up first thing, but it didn't phase us. Then I went for physio, and after that we had lunch, went to the church and made invitations for the music night, and went home for dinner. Hot sleep=bad sleep
Saturday was that thing in the states, but we didn't do anything to celebrate. I was on exchanges with elder Weston, our district leader. We started out by going to Franqui's house, and we talked about scripture study and faith, and the lesson went super well, he bore his testimony! It was sick! We just need everything to be figured out so they can get married already! After that we had McDo for lunch and then went to soeur Tourets house, she really appreciates when we hang out with her. She's #loco. Then we had our correlation meeting and talked about the music night. And from there we walked 5 meters to Valentin's house and he made an amazing zucchini gratin, it was delish. We taught the gospel of Jesus Christ, and invited him to be baptized and he was like "yeah of course, it's deffs something I'm not against" and I got super excited cause he's really legit. but I contained myself. No worries! It was dang hot at night again.
Then yesterday was great, cause it was Earnshaws birthday, and cause it was the wonderful sabbath. It was a good time at church, then after we came back and ate, then we did some weekly planning. The sisters kindly brought us homemade cookies for Earnies birthday. That's the first time since I've been in France that I had homemade cookies that I didn't make. They are oh so good when you just get to eat 'em.
Then it's today! :D

this was a block of butter... then happened the heatwave.
canada day festivities
this is camping-paris style. you can see the entirety of the treed area. and you can see their fire, and the tent. so silly :P

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