Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June 29, 2015

Okay, heavenly days this week was filled to the brim! Actually it was over full, but that's a good thing! No week passes faster than one that is full of running from place to place. On manger-Monday we were supposed to go over to a members house...now at this point we probably had about 3 appointments for the week. But the members cancelled on us, so we felt inspired to go home and call everybody we had yet to get in contact with for the week. MONDAYS ARE DIVINELY APPOINTED CALLING DAYS! Holy cow everybody we called was home! Or ableist it felt like it :) it was great. We actually ended up calling an investigator again Tuesdaynight because we didn't get In contact with him on Monday, but we ended up having to say "ugh... We do want to see you, so we are sorry we called, but we have no time to see you... Will you be at church, and can we see you there?" So that was rather humorous! (He came to church by the way)
On topped-up-Tuesday we visited our main-man Basile, I love that guy so much! He is so cool! We talked about the fast offerings and their significance and all that, because we had previously taught him how to fast, logistically. He loved the lesson, and he was way on board! I don't know how long this guy has been inactive, but I think it's been well over 20 years. So when we teach most of it comes to him as new, but he's loving it, he's coming to church, and he is a lot happier! It's AMAZING to see the gospel in action :) we also got to teach Franqui, Didi, and a new investigator named Mama Mireille. She's a peach!
On we-are-weally-busy-Wednesday we taught Michel, he's super super nice, but his wife is so against the church that he doesn't think it's worth it to divorce her...instead he's just waiting till she's passed on so he can come back to church. He's really nice though, just in a super lame situation! We went to the massage place-can't complain!
On technology-Thursday we were bestowed with iPads... #dope if I must say so myself! It's actually Sunday night, and I'm going to save this as a draft, then send it tomorrow! MORE PDAY FUN! It was actually a really good zone conference, and I got 3 packages! One from my mommas, one from Mercedes, and one from Janinja Fisher. THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR WONDROUS LOVE AND GIFTS, you are all deeply loved <3 on Thursday night Valintin had us over for Confit-Canard, like, duck thighs, but they are stored in their fat or something.... The point is, it was SO good. Probably one of my favorite meals in France. We also talked more about the restoration and that the world had been preparing for years and years before it really happened, with all the reformations of churches and all, then that America was the one of the only religiously free places at the time. He really enjoyed it, we really enjoyed it. Valentin is So sick!
Full-Friday was flowing with medical stuff... It's all being figured out now! The physiotherapist said that my scoliosis is minor, and that since I'm probably done growing that it won't get worse. He said that it shouldn't even hurt, cause it's not extreme, but the pain is probably a mix of bad sleeps and stress, and walking/running constantly. He said once we get he pain gone, it shouldn't come back! I also got my insoles to fix my uneven legs... Yay! In he midst of all this we also got chance to teach mama Mireille, set up our iPads so they are missionary-proof, and go eat at a members house! We had a pretty dope spiritual thought there!

Bisous! Bisous!

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