Monday, November 11, 2013

November 11,2013

so i left my journal at home which is how i usually figure out what to put in these things... so this may be the lamest e-mail yet... sorry, 

so we had alot of cancellations, but we taught a good number of lessons, i went on exchanges in lorient, that was pretty cool, nice to change things up! and from lorient we went to rennes for zone conference, so i got to see some other new missionaries, yay for familiar faces!!! then that night when we got home we lissed supper so we were debating on eating then gouing contacting or just contacting and eating later, we prayed and decided it would be better to go contacting instead. food dont matter anyways. so crazy thing, we contacted this lady and she was like "yeah i had the feeling i should talk to you guys" and a bunch of stuff like that, we actually set up a rendez-vous (lesson) and we talked to her for more than an hour that night and actually ended up being late getting home! we have the lesson with her tonightso pray for us! her name is anne-sophie. shes pretty sweet. other than that the wek has been pretty boring, we talked to a couple other sweet dudes just on the streets, and the work here has been moving! also, i had to give a talk in church yesterday, i thought it went alright... the branch presidents wife said  i had amazing french for a blue (for some reason they say blue instead of greenie) but yeah! also im sorry but i dont have my camera cord, so i dont even have any pictures for you today... sorry, i hope you still love me!

Elder Awesomeness Oviatt

also, elder bednar was talking about how to be successful in your mission language. 3 steps, first pray 3 times daily for the gift of tongues. second, ask your friends and family at home to pray " times daily for you to have the gift of tongues. third, find the right reason. so i can handle 1 and 3, but i need your help with 2 please. i love you all!<3

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