Monday, November 4, 2013

November 4, 2013

okay so first off the keyboard is super stupid, so dont mock my spelling mistakes.

so the plane was pretty sweet. there were three meals, and the ones i ate were actually kinda good, i slept through the snacks qnd one of the meals though. once we landed we had pain au chocolat, this like chocoltey pastry, they were delish. then we went on the bus and did some contacting, me and elder bruno actually handed out a book of mormon! then later we went to bed in a motel. for the record, france is beautiful. the next morning me and elder toscano didnt get the wakeup call from the front desk so we had 20 minutes to eat and get dressed, i grabbed some croissants. REAL FRENCH CROISSANTS. and more pain au chcoclat... then we found out who our trainers are! that was exciting! after that we headed out to our areas (my area is one of the longest commutes from paris, so we didnt get home till 10, so we pretty much just went to bed.
the next day we had both our lessons fall through, so that was a bummer, so instead we went street contacting, which lasted FOREVER. street contacting wasnt my favourite thing.
the day after that it was raining so not alot of people were outside, we probably only contacted like 25 people. and we were going to go port-à-porting (door to door) so we drove out to the area we decided to go to, didnt get there till it was pitch blqck out (not to mention i was driving, and it was my first time driving in france cause my companion cant drive there anymore) so it was so dark we couldnt see streets or houses, so we drove back home and did more contacting... YAY.
the next day started out beautiful! we were studying and the sun was pouring in and it was all dandy! then the branch president called to say that there was a socialist protest going on in all of bretagne (the general area around quimper) and that we couldnt go to centreville which is where we do all our contacting. we decided to go outside before the protest started to see how big it was going to be, and once we got within 4 blocks of the protest there was aleady the ar,ed forces and the national police, so we decided to stay inside cause this protest was going on in all the little towns in our area and we are supposed to stay away from stuff like that. plus, commies are scary and dangerous. we were going to go out after the protest but it lasted all day so i made cookies for our investigators and later we delivered them, in the car this crazy drunk protestor jumped in front of the car and screamed for a while, so i swerved around him and laughed a little,
so sunday funday!!! that was pretty sweet, i met some of the branch, introduced myself and bore my testimony, then we went back to the apartment to study. we also made crepes and it was so so so good. (for the record i am in the part of france that invented crepes, so my already existing crepe skills are only going to get more legit.)(they also make crepes with black flour, which is weird, but im going to try some today) later we went porting (finally) and when we got out to the area it was pouring raing. like i mean pouring. but i decided whatevez. i need finally do some lissionary work, cause right now i feel like a lazy quitter. so we did. i got soaked. only ony guy let us in and he didnt even let us pray with him, but i loved every minute of it. that is what it feels like to lose yourself in the work (either that or the icy rain-wind combo numbed my soul aswell as my entire body) but it was good. i got back super excited and frozen and i think i finally started liking being in quimper!

Made it!

Mission President and his wife!

A Sick Castle in Paris



Crepe Party

Looking good in the rain

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