Monday, November 18, 2013

November 18, 2013

ooooookay here he go!

so last pday was ridiculous. but we kinda got stuff done. that night i bought a calzone from this little pizza shop that's right up the road from me, that was deeeelish.
Tuesday! alright, so we pretty much just did car stuff all day, trying to get the car fixed. I'm not sure if i mentioned this last time, but elder willden cant drive in france, so his last companion did everything car related, now i do everything car related, but we were confused as to which fuel to use, gazole or sans-plomb. we knew sans plomb was unleaded gas, so we decided to use that one. yeah our car is diesel... so we kinda ruined the car temporarily. but yes, we were inside phoning everybody trying to get the dumb car figured out, then that night we had my first dinner appointment! it was at an american couples house, we had chicken and mashed potatoes and stuff, it was real good. but halfway through we realized we had to make the meal for the district meeting the next morning... so elder willden was pretty exhausted and stressed from dealing with dumb french mechanics all day, so he went to bed and i was up till midnight making crepes. i was not happy, but i was proud of the fat stack of crepes. (pictures to come later)
wednesday was district meeting, other than that not too much happened. 
thursday we got contacted by " seperate people, one of them had talked to the missionaries and was super interested in family history, so we got his info and sent him a quick text to make sure he had our number if he ever needed anything, and this is what he responded with (he was pretty proud of his english, so he texted us in english. this is the exact spelling and stuff) "i hope to see you soon dear brothers in the lord Jesus Christ.I would need your help concerning genealogy. Do not hesitate to call me to share a friendly moment: if i am catholic, i am first of all like you Christian!"it made out day for sure! oh and we got the car back! so that was super great! we also went porting and this lady let us in and we taught about prayer and! she brought out some tarot cards, which kinda sorta freaked me out, but it was all good. we handled it.
Friday we had weekly planning then something come up too so we didnt do too much, we did have family home evening at a members house, with Hélèna, our investigator and her kids, so that was pretty great that she came! 
Saturday we made brownies for the ward meal which was on sunday. we did some contacting and some porting(door to door), finished up the weekly planning and it was good!
yesterday we had church, taught Hélèna again at church, then had the ward "break the fast" cause every month the ward fasts for missionary work. so that's pretty cool. it was really delicious, and there was a ton of people at church, like 30 or 40! hahah,

so that's my week in a nutshell!

the best looking elder anybody knows,
Elder hotstuff Oviatt

these are all the crepes i made, i don't know how many there actually was, but it was alot.

this of my favourite spot in Quimper, its not the greatest picture, but i love the building that hangs over the river, and i love the castle-ish thingy that is on the left side, and i love the graffiti, it just throws a twist on things. best spot so far. 

I freaking love France!

so this is probably one of the cooler things ive just walked past, no idea how long its been there, but its pretty dang cool.

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