Thursday, December 26, 2013

December 16, 2013

so this week we picked up the third wheel, hes a pretty sweet guy! and its going to be a sick transfer to say the least! so so on tuesday we found a new investigator, mme foulon, and she is such a boss. like, she has already read like all of first nephi, she did think it was suposed to be the bible but like different, so we had to explain that they are completely different, but one in purpose of course ;) but yeah! shes sweet! we taught her once on the street and once again at her apartment. the new guy, Elder Davis, hes pretty cool, he knows french pretty stellar too. so thats good. lets see, this week we also got in contact with Hélèna, finally, and started teaching her again. things are going well over here in Quimper! everything other than our branch christmas night. that was a total BUST. but yeah! we have a christbas conference in paris this week so we have like 12 hours of trains this week. i actually like them cause i sleep, all the time. GLORIOUS. next weeks email will hopefully be a fun one! its begining to look somewhat like christmas! theres still no snow, mixed feelings...
Au Revoir
Elder Kaden Parsley Oviatt

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this is the sweet drawing i did on the back of my planner :)

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