Monday, December 2, 2013

December 2, 2013

 sorry, this week was another boring one... 

so not alot happened, we only had one lesson with an investigator cause all the other investigators just disspeared off the earth... it was all looking so promising, then boom, but whateves, just means we gotta work harder! i also dont have alot of fun pictures for this week... but i have two gooders. so the only thing worth writing about was thursday, (american) thanksgiving. the whole zone got together and every companionship made different food items. me and elder willden, being the STRAIGT UP BOSSES that we are, made pie. yes we did. two apple pies, one blueberry pie, and one sweet potato pie. the apples were alright, pretty delish, the blueberry pie was a bust, but it was still tasty, not really a pie, bore like warm blueberries in a pie shell... but the sweet potato pie. Diggity-Dang. that was delicious. i have pictures.
but yes, other than that, all of our investigators arent answering the doors or the phone calls, except one, a 9 year old girl whos mother is a member. she is actually an all star kid. the lesson went really well, and she really has the desire to be baptised, like with no influence from her mom(she isnt active) soits cool to see that. for now me and elder willden are just going to work in overdrive until we see a christmas miracle, or a new year miracle, or whenever it comes. OVERDRIVE. aint no big deal. but yes, im still in good spirits and all, so no harm done§ i found lights for our christmas tree, so ill put those up, YAY christmas. this letter is really all over the place isnt it? well, whatever, thats all i have to say for this week

Adios Amigos,

Elder Studly Oviatt

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