Thursday, December 26, 2013

December 22, 2013

Okay! so this week was fantastic, busy, terrible, amazing, and exciting!

first off, christmas conference was so sweet, i got to see tons of people from the mtc, i got to eat delcicious food, i had 9 letters waiting for me that got sent to the mission home! it was terribly enjoyable and it was so much fun to just relax and be around happy people!
on the way back from that to rennes (we were sleeping there cause the train wouldnt get us home in time) the mission president called me to inform me that i was being emergency transferred to Melun, so i had to pack my bags and get right back on the train to paris, which sucked because i was sick so travelling sucks when your sick, and i had to just pack up and go right before christmas, but i gladly accepted and was really excited to go actually because the trio wasnt working out amazingly, but my new companion is super cool, hes a sick bass so our singing is really fun, we started caroling while we contact which is just a blast!! hes danish so thats cool too! hes sweet. it was really bad when i got here though because i was sick as a dawg, but we went to the doctor, i got medicined up, now im good! i had hand foot mouth or whateever that childrens disease is, but its clearing up and i dont look like i have leprosy anymore! 

now for the amazing part, KADENS FIRST BAPTISM!
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i kinda feel like i cheated because i never taught this guy, but calls are inspired, i am supposed to be here right now, i am supposed to have been there. so yeah, and even more good news, we have another baptismal date for 2 weeks, so boom. and ive actually taught this guy, so thatll be cool! one more cool thing, theres this super legit guy who contacted us and he is such a bro, we texted him to set up a lesson and hes like "i can feed you guys" so were like heck to the yes! so before he was even technically an investiator he invited us for dinner, it was ballin', and dinner was good! his name us Miguel Hugo. hes a boss.

and whats exciting is christmas is coming, so yes, obvs thats exciting! we have 5 dinner appointments for this week, so thats sick! im just in a great mood, straight up, christmas is legitimately the best time of year.

i love you all to bits and stuff, merry christmas an all that jazz,

Elder Kaden "Fabio-Salsa" Oviatt

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(just an amazing haircut place by Miguels house; why salsa? i dont know, but i love it.) 

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