Monday, January 13, 2014

January 13, 2014

legit though, we are so blessed and we dont know why, i mean obvs we are trying out hardest and obeying he rules and stuff, but we feel overly belssed. so pray for remembrance for all the sweet oppertunities we are having!
okay this week we got alot done! we visited a bunch of people and taught a bunch of lessons! one of my favourites was with this couple, mid fifites, maurice and odile, i wasnt there when elder gram first contacted them, but they just sang and prayed with them, wished them a merry christmas and stuff, but we just made it back to see them and they were so touched by us! so maurice stopped smoking, and they both started praying and they said since we left they have just been so happy and more energetic and stuff! so we went and taught the book of mormon and gave them a background and stuff, they said they would read it and they asked us to come back before we even brought it up. so sweet! then we taught this lady christelle and she has been reading and praying and she was also found shortly before christmas, right now we have 19 investigators, and almost of them were found by christmas contacting(singing a christmas hymn and praying with them) we also taught this couple who are early 30s, and they have been taught by the missionaries in the neighboring area and we are going to start teaching them now cause they are in our area. they both want to be baptised, they just need to find jobs so they can get married so they can get baptised, then theres always miguel, who we fixed a baptismal date with, febuary 1st, and we also fixed a baptismal date with Killian and Bryan, Bertrands two kids, and thats for february 8th, and man, theres just so much good work going on here, im pumped, im more pumped just by writing this email and thinking about all the mad blessings we are getting! i love it. i. love. it. keep praying for me cause im seeing the benifits of all your prayers! i love you all so much, have a wonderful week and ill talk to ya next week! 
<3 hugz n' kissez
Eldah Ohviahtt (thats how all the africans say it)(no thats not racist, there are alot of african immigrants here)(there is an african investigtor my friend is teaching in luxemburg whos name is niggas. thats pretty close to racism.)

10 I, the Lord, will forgive whom I will forgive, but of you it is required to forgive all men.
just dwell on that for a bit.
Now forgive everybody, cause its not your job to decide if they deserve it or not.
also, please pray for our investigators too, :)

picture explanation:
first, the ugliest car eevr created. me and elder gram call it the platypus. its disgusting.
second, a little chapels stained glass, so sick.
and third, a sweet bit of trees we found cause i had to pee.

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