Thursday, January 9, 2014

January 6, 2014

Tokay. bear yourselves. this week was siiiick.

so on tuesday we only had to work till 6 cause of newyears, then we went to this sweet families house, the lopez', they are so much fun we just hung out, but one guy there only speaks english and spanish, his wife only speaks spanish, brother lopez speaks spanish french and a little bit of english, and his wife only speaks spânish and french. so we had the most fun tri-lingual dinner and we were all just havin a good time! then on the first we had the day off so we decided to go into paris and see the sights and whatnot! so we took the train with the sister missionaries that are in the same boundary, then we spit up and me and elder gram went to notre dam and the eiffle tower, but i forgot my camera, so i borrowed one of the sisters', but now i dont have the pictures, theyll come eevntually! (speaking of pictures i have the baptism picture of bertrand) 
this week we have been on fire. we only worked 4 days because i had legality work to do so that took a whole day. but yes, none the less, we got 8 new investigators and had 11 lessons. not tryinbg to sound prideful, but dang we are good. so the reason weve had so many is because we were christmas contacting so like caroling and praying with people, then setting up return appointments but most of them said come back and sing in the new year, so wi did and were seeing huge success from it.
my favourite moment was saturday, we were doing some pasbacks, going to go sing and spread joy and whatnot, and we had finished, we were walking back to the train station and it just started pouring! both our umbrellas broke a while ago and we never bought new ones, after 3 minutes we were soaked, but i have been having a good week, and particularily good day, so i decided not to let the rain get me down, so westarted singing singin in the rain and i was dancing and just singing all my favourite songs, just havin a blast, we went puddle jumping and splashed eachother and we were so soaked! we had such a good time that our train came before we were at the station so we sprinted and barely caught the train, we had so much fun. we were so drenched, jumping in the puddles didnt even change how wet we were.
we have just been packed for time. meetings all over the place. its so much fun, honestly! and last night our ward mission leader called us and told us to come over(he works at a patisserie shop) so we did and yesterday was the night for gallettes des rois, its where they celebrate the day the kings brought presents to jesus, so he made us a little cake thing and theres a little porcelain figurine in it and whoever gets the figurine in their piece is the king, i totes won :) oh man we have been working our tails off but weve also had so much fun this week! i love it!

be smart and stuff, i didnt come up with a spiritual thought so tough luck. i still love you though!

à bientôt!
Elder Puddle-jumpa Oviattay

oh and i saw and pet a wild hedgehog. no big deal.

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