Wednesday, January 29, 2014

January 27, 2014

NEW COMPANION BROTHERS AND SISTERS, and yes, i know the important question you were about to ask, he is CANADIAN, and he is a STRAIGHT UP BOSS. ill stop using allcaps now... um yes, Elder Ethan Ruttan, from victoria BC, hes pretty cool, and like dang tall. like 6'4". so crap that right! anyhow, hes pretty sick, we laugh alot, and so far weve been having a ball, so whateves right, going to be another sick transfer in the promised land of Melun!
okay, so cool things that happened, ill start with today, we went to paris, and saw the arche de triomphe, its huge and covered in naked ladies, so be careful to avert your eyes folks. we also walked down this huge sopping strip caled Champs Elysees or something, and cause its soldes, (sales) everything is on for like 40-70 percent off. i saw a Zara suit jacket from 120€ to 40€. it was hard not to buy everything. but not really cause i dont have any money. i did however buy a socktie and a dress shirt, cause it was Zara and 20€, how could i not. sorry family. whateves, um yeah! so that was today!
yesterday Miguel finally came to church again, freak yes. thats cool! we taught a bunch of lessons and talked to a lot of muslims. we are trying to get a kuran handed to us by a muslim like to kep, and also a jehovas witness bible, cause they would be cool to read! we are working ofcourse, but thats like a little side goal. life is going good, i cant even remember any of our other lessons, because they are all so miraculous and full of gospel joy, yall gotta study the scriptures more, i dont care how mmuch you are already studying, its not enough. sorry to break it to ya!
i dont really have a spiritual thought, but like, think about this for a while, god loves you, no matter what, but its alot cooler f you give him a reason to love you, so like help somebody out with their groceries, hold the door, pray for people, be nice, smile, turn the other cheek ;)
i love each and every one of your delicous souls, <3

Elder Oviatt


a swan, there is only like 7000 of them in melun!

l'arc de triomphe & companion selfie as usual

thats just a HUGE ZARA, so yeah,

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