Monday, June 23, 2014

June 23, 2014

sooo i really dont have much to say about this week, we did ALOT of finding, alot of porting and contacting, not a ton of lessons or crazy experiences, pretty much just a normal week... we did have to go into paris on wednesday for a goodbye President conference, it was actually pretty sad... Elder Everett, one of the APs(hes canadian! yeeeah) asked me if i would get a musical number ready for the conference, so i did! organized a little quartet number! so technically there was 5 people, but only cause our melody couldnt hold their own, so we doubled em. but there was two sisters and an elder from another district and elder jenness and me, and we all practiced seperatley and stuff, then we got there early before the conference, we practiced and it sounded like a chorus of angels! it was actually super suprisingly good! we sang brightly beams our fathers mercy, but in french, and normally theres only 2 verses, but we had the 3rd one in french, so it was pretty cool! :)
other than that the week was pretty uneventful, taught a couple lessons and stuff, did missionary work but nothing crazy! sorry to dissapoint! :)

have a good week, keep us in your prayers! :)
Elder Kaden Parsley Jams Oviatt

"Right in the palm of your hand you have the wisdom of the ages—more importantly, the words of the prophets, from Old Testament days to President Thomas S. Monson. … Neglecting to connect to this power should be unthinkable to us."
—Randall L. Ridd

-the sweet view from some duplexes we were knocking this week!
Pres and Sister Poznanski and i,
and we have a GNARLY BEETLE we found, it was alive. how come i keep finding nasty beetles in France!?

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