Monday, November 17, 2014

November 10, 2014

this week has been pretty good, im trying to think of specific things i can talk about but it really wasnt that terribly eventful, weve been going pretty hard, and we have really got the area into good shape, before elder smith got here we had investigators, but we were constantly finding new ones, and the old ones just kinda disapeared, but we have gotten alot more organized and focused, and so far we have a good number of investigators and a solid base, alot of really high potential, but we wil see how it goes! weve got alot of people were teaching, but nobody is like EXPLODING at the moment, ya feel? it feels good though, its going to be a good transfer here in Tours, oh, yeah i get to stay in tours with Elder Smith! so thats pretty sweet, we get along really well and we work well with eachother! :) i have a ton of cool experiences and stuff i could share from this week, it just feels so random cause none of the miracles continue into anything, i mention somebody and never talk about them again, i can imagine that would get pretty annoying... so ill jsut wait for now :P give it a week or two till we see who is going to progress and stuff, deal? :)
well yeah, things are starting to get a little chilly here, my toes are pretty cold at the moment! but its better than -20, (good luck everyone)
im going to send a bunch of pictures from last week!

-Zone Finding day!
-Haloween in Le Mans with the Alençon district,

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