Monday, November 17, 2014

November 17, 2014

so yes, this week we are having a conference with the entire mission! i didnt mention it before cause it wasnt sure. but yeah! the mission hasnt been all in one place for a few years, for one cause we have a vast mission and transportation is very expensive, and for two we really dont have any chapels big enough for eeveryone to be there and eat and facilitate easily, but they figured it out and i am oh so very excited to have an apostle come visit! :D
this week was pretty dang good, we had a number of miracles and good experiences. During mission council we talked about the missions goals and the plan to attain the goals, and we talked about how we as zone leaders are in the trust of president, and that he trusts us to be obedient and to protect our zones, but taht we are like the mission presidents of our zones and the district leaders in our zones are like our zone leaders, basically if youve never been on a mission this wont make any sense to you, but he told us to have a new meeting once a transfer with out district leaders, the meeting is like a mini mission council, so we talk with our district leaders about how the zone is doing, about our goals and plans and stuff. so with this new thing Elder Smith and I decided to come up with a vision for this trimester, the vision is TRUST. first in our missionaries, our leaders and our companions, trust that we are folowing the Lord in our decisions and that  we are doing things the way they are supposed to be done. second, trust in the model of consecration, that way when we are stressed about the area and lessons and what to do we know that we are doing the best we can and the Lord will make up the rest, so whats getting done is all that He wants to be done. takes the blame off our shoulders. Third, trust in THE invitation. the invitation is the invitation to baptism, which is to follow the guidelines in the first lesson invite people to be baptized, the second lesson give them a baptismal date. this isnt easy or and is sometimes seems like a bad idea, but we decided to trust the invitation last night and this guy, Tibaut accepted to be baptized ondecember 20th, hes super cool, but normally we would not have given him a date to be baptized, but we decided to follow the lords council for our zone and trust the invitation and be baptized! super cool miracle and that deffs set the tone for the vision! :) super happy about it!
In other news, i want a cat. really bad. i dont know why, but ive grown to like cats more and more on my mission, and i know i dont really want a cat cause they get hair everywhere, but i like em! so well see how that happens :P umm, thats pretty much it! cant think of anything new... :) have stellar week errbody!

what a lovely yard...
we made a turkeydinner! happy between american and canadian thanksgivings! it looked SUPER tasty, but tasted otherwise...

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