Monday, November 17, 2014

November 3, 2014

hey errbody!
so life here in tours has been REALLY sick this week, not the illness kind of sick, but sick as in missionary work being on FIRE!
so as for things going on here, monday night we tracted into this sick group of people, we rang and they let us in, then we talked about why we are here, prayed with em, and they asked us for bibles next time we come, unfortunatly we dont have those, so we brought books of mormon, and they loved it! they totally understood why it was there, what it could mean to them, it was sweet, plus we didnt even bring enough books of mormon for them cause they had guests, and they said they would give some to their friends.
then we had exchanges here with our district leader and his comp on tuesday and that started us out on a good foot, then we went to Le Mans and had a super rad haloween party/district meeting, so that was dope :P we dressed up, i was an old man and elder Smith was my cat in a sweater, we had a good combo costume, unfortunatley my camera is being goofy, so ill have to send pictures next week.
then on thursday we were running around teaching and finding people, good day,
on friday we had a Zone-wide finding day. the whole zone came to Tours and we did mini-exchanges for the morning and evening, it was pretty much the coolest thing ever. in total we were 23 missionaries, and we taught 34 lessons, made a bunch of new investigators and found 30 ish potentials. it was sick. everyone loved it! during lunch everyone brought candy and we went trick or treating between us, it was a good day!
finding day was sweet, but like all in all i think that this week i taught the most lessons and found the most new investigators of my mission. its been super good! life is good, love is good, families are forever. and THAT is my weekly update for You.
Elder Oviatt.

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