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December 22, 2014

hey errbody! hope youre super psyched for christmas, i know i am! All the packages under the tree have been taunting me for weeks!
this week was really really sweet! Twice we went downtown to sing christmas carols with our branch mission leader, that was super fun, we sang at the entrance of the christmas market, we sang at the piano in the train station, we sang in a basilica, and we sang in a mall. it was super fun and we found some really cool potential investigators as well as shared christmas cheer with the world! :)
we found a sweet new set of investigators, André and David, david is Andrés like 35 year old maybe aadopted son, and they are sick. André has 2 audis, and one is and audi A2, which is one of the more hideous cars. i rode in it. it was rather spacious inside! But back to them, they we talked to david like 3 months ago, and set up a return lesson, then he no-showed, so we called him the other day and they are so legit! weve taught them 3 times and they are praying about a baptismal date right now! super cool!
we had a conference with Elder Teixeira, hes our regional president or whatever, it was a super cool conference! learned alot, humbled myself alot, and we have already seen so many blessings from following his counsel!
we taught a TON of less actives this week, not actually that many, but like, a solid handful, that was nice and good!
Christmas is almost here! im excited to talk to my family, im excited for my friends to talk to their families, its a magical time of year! My mission president told us that during christmas season we feel more people are open and willing to listen cause their hearts are open with the christmas feel, but he told us that more importantly than christmas spirit is the fact that we have such confidence in our work during this season. we are convinced that we will see miracles and stuff, but its more of a placebo, its mostly our attitude that opens and softens peoples hearts. so keep this cheer and joy with you all year! touch hearts and share love! i love you all and wish you all a merry christmas!

love, Elder snOviatt

singing and singing!

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