Friday, February 27, 2015

February 23, 2015

hello hello, this week was pretty good! couple sweet things, but in general just a pretty dope week!
bullet point time:
  •  took elder Bennett out to macdonalds for his first time in france
  • it hailed, and it was really cold, but then it got super warm within 30 minutes!
  • started a solid plan with our friends from ghana to prepare them--the one for baptism, the other for the aaronic priesthood-- so thats just a fundle. (bundle and fun put together.)
  • had an awkward family home evening at the church, one investigator came, and one member. we played pictionary and it was super lame! but in that sense it became fun!
  • visited a couple members, ive eaten with more members here than i did in - months in tours. that might not be true, but it feels like it!
  • had exchanges with our district leader, hes pretty cool, his companion is from hawaii and hes going to teach me how to surf! :) hoooray!
  • we were going to teach a lesson in the church, but the fuse for the front gate was burned out so we couldnt get into the church, so we went to a bar/caf" across the street and had an uterly fantastic lesson, despite the constant flow of muslims the whole time. and when we went to pay for our delicious hot chocolate the waitress thanked us for the work we do, and that the world needs more help from people like us! that was cool! :)
  • found a lady from our first week here, we had given her a book of mormon, and we jsut stumbled into her again! so that was super fun! :)
  • and we taught french to a couple kids, the ones from ghana aforementioned, and we taught them how to pray, and one asked to pray to close the sacrament meeting and he did, and he totes nailed it. solid solid! :)
we had a pertty soolid week, were happy, im a little sick, but nothing that will last, so we are healthy too, and we are doin good! :) thanks for the prayers and love! keep em' comin!
<3 Elder Oviatt

the gangsters are getting offensive with their tagging.
and that is the train information telling us that there was a world war two shell found in the trainstation... awesome right!

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  1. It's always a pleasure to meet and help people from overseas ;-)
    Amy Boyer Mariani (facebk)