Friday, February 27, 2015

February 2, 2015

yep, theres the news, i am getting transferred, and i am no longer going to be serving as a zone leader, which i am sad but happy about. instead i am now going to be serving in Aulnay sous bois, in the parisian region, so tahts DOPE! its closer to paris than Melun was, and im going to be Training, so whitewas training... more than a little scary! :P but itll be good! heres my address before i forget:
Elder K Oviatt
33 Rue Maximillien Robespierre
94120 Fontenay Sous Bois

anywhow, we had a good week! monday we had family home evening, and Bouchaïb came, hes got a baptismal date, so like, good for him, yay progression! :D
We did A LOT of service this week. theres a family that is half french half american, and they were moving. their new apartment needed alot of work... painting, floors, all their stuff, so we went and painted 3 times and helped with the actual move on saturday, that was a super good time! :P haha
We taught this muslim student with our branch mission leader, but the kid barely followed along, it was all good though, and we called him on saturday telling him we wanted him to come to church and that we would walk with him, so we swung by his place at 9h15 on sunday and he came down, we walked to church and we realized we hadnt told him anything abuot church... he stayed for about 20 minutes and asked how long church was, we told him 3 hours, and he was like "ugh, i can leave early right?" so we told him he could, but he ended up staying the first 2 hours, real impressive! he should be coming on next sunday too:P unfortunatley i wont be there...
weve also been working with a less active in chisseaux, and he is super cool, we had a member swing down and pick him up on his way to church and he totally loved it! it was sad to say goodbye to him and the rest of the branch. they will be dearly missed.
yeah! thats our week more or less, im only real terrified for this next week, itll be good! im excited to train again and have the sick emxperience of whitewashing at the same time! yay faith! im going to need it this week! :P
i love you all! :) have a good week!

district pictures and the missionaries here in Tours
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