Friday, February 27, 2015

February 9, 2015

hope you are all doing just dandy! i know we are over here!
this is how whitewash training goes...
"where do we live?"
"wheres the church?"
"which key is the right one?"
"they didnt leave any food for us?"
"where does this person live?"
"i dont know what this investigator looks like but they are planning on us baptizing them"
"sorry we're late, we got lost" 
"this is his first week in france" "je ne parler pas très bon le francais"
"hey, can you give us directions?"
"i dont know..."
"where are we again?"
"where are we supposed to be going?"
"hi! were new here..."
so yes, its been good! my companion,Elder Bennett and trainee is from the grand ol' canada, Belleville Ontario, good to be with a canuck again! hes super cool, his french is decent, and hes full of fire! the area we work in is pretty far from where we live, so with that, and extra studies for training and with us not really knowing anything about where we need to go or how to get there, somehow we are decently effective! weve met with a bunch of members, and investigators, its been truly, and adventure.
thats pretty much how i can sum it up. every day is an adventure.
but anyhow!
tuesday was "preparing to leave tours" day, so we visited all our investigators, present and past(or tried to) one of whom was guy, hes super sick! we lost contact with him shortly before christmas, but hes back! so thats pretty awesome!
wednesday we went into paris and i said my sad goodbyes to elder smith, ;( then i met my new comp, and we went to our area! taught a lesson on the train, and then visited a member and she had her investigator friends over! so that was an amazing thing, members present at our first lesson in a new area!
thursday we went shopping cause we had no food. lamesauce. but then we went and explored a bit, tried to find the church building but got lost... taught a couple lessons in the road! not too shabby! :)
friday we had a sick miracle. we were planning on giving a book of mormon to an investigator (planned lesson) so we grabbed another book of mormon. then we hopped on a train and went contacting(on the train cause we cant even get to our area and back in an hour) for an hour and talked to this guy, hes got a sweet story, but hes left to africa for 2 months. we taught him the restoration, offered him a book of mormon and marked moroni 10 for him to read while hes back in africa. then we got off the train and realized we shoulda prayed with him... but we didnt. bummer. so we were walking away and this lady chased us down and she was like "can i have one of those books too?" and we were like "ugh, yes of course!" and she was like "mark that chapter too. can i have your number to call you when im done? i heard everything you said, well be in touch!" so that was super cool! good thing we grabbed an extra book of mormon! we also went and found the church, that is important cause we had to teach a lesson there the next day! later that night we ate with a member couple, it was pretty good! :P
saturday we taught this super fly dude at the church, he came to the lesson in dress clothes!
and we did weekly/transfer planning!
and sunday we went to church, we had 5 investigators there! this man from ghana came to church with his sons, one of which is baptized but the other isnt and he wants to be! so that was sweet! they arrived in france like 2 months ago and dont speak any french! the super fly dude from saturday came to church, and a couple of other people did too. amazing week!
there are going to be so many miracles and amazing things happen here! im so blessed to have been put in such a promising area with so much already going on!
its going to be good.
adios amigos---Elder Oviatt
this is Guy and I,
it snowed in paris! :D
and this is jsut a clearer picture of my boy bennett.

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