Thursday, April 23, 2015

April 13, 2015

yo home skillets!
okay, heres your run-down:
Had a super awesome lesson with Vita on tuesday, she is a referral from a member named Steeve, he also gave us 2 more referrals! what a boss!
we didn't, really know what to do with our lessons, she didnt seem to be understanding or getting anything... BUT we had these members come and it went super well, they all got along and now she is progressing very well! TEACH WITH THE MISSIONARIES. IF THEY DONT INVITE YOU? ASK THEM. IT WILL ENRICH AND BLESS YOUR LIFE AND THE LIVES OF OTHERS. so yeah, that was super sick!
We also got back in touch with Benjamin again, hes doing well, but not really progressing. He knows the book of mormon is true, and the joseph smith is a propeht, now we just need to tell him what impact that can and should have on his life! we shall see!
Madalina is doing super well too! she was trying to watch conference, and she has been asking very sincere questions. She is one of the most honest seekers of truth i have come across on my mission. Please keep praying for her. i know she will have great miracles soon if she continues on this path! im so excited to see what happens in the future. in our lesson we went over the Plan of Salvation, and she had great questions and understanding! She also texted us and said that she really enjoyed church, that brightened our day! :)
then we had legality for Bennett, so that pretty much took an entire day, then the next day we had Zone Conference, and that gave me the necessary kick in the pants, and we went HARD, and we will continue going hard. when we first got to this area we went super hard cause we had to, we didnt know anything. but as we got more comfortable we started chillin(still working of course, but not as hard) so now we have restarted going hard in the paint. so yes, good thing we had that ZC!
Saturday was straight up awesome, we had a great lesson with Carole, and after we went and FINALLY watched the sunday afternoon session of conference, and we watched it with Opoku and his sister and brother, and that was sweet, we started late though and so we finished late and they also fed us after... we got home just in the nick of time! it was like 10h29!
and sunday was SO cool! Okay, so our building is the closest church building to the airport, and so just before sacrament, Brother Steven B. Allen, who works for the missionary department of the church. he had a good time and i translated the whole meeting for him and his wife and a couple they were with. it was rather stressful! good time though.
Missions are sick.
heres a really good quote that is very applicable at the moment:
"The greatest blessings of general conference come to us after the conference is over. Remember the pattern recorded frequently in scripture: we gather to hear the words of the Lord, and we return to our homes to live them."
                            —Robert D. Hales
signing off,
Elder Oviatt.

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