Thursday, April 23, 2015

April 6, 2015

Two weeks to catch ya up on! :) 
here we go:
we ate at the Castenhiera familys house and that was super good, i love how much the members here help and love us, it makes the work easier, and more enjoyable cause its not like youre nagging the members to teach, theyre nagging you to come with you, and its awesome! the Castenhieras are from Tahiti and portugal, they are a very cute fun family, and the father is not a member. the missionaries have been teaching them since the dawn of time, but hes coming around! 
we visited a member... it was interesting. we immideatly felt like we needed to leave but he wouldnt really let us, we were tehre for an hour and at the end both elder Bennett and i were so tired. it was a bad time. were not sure whats goin on there but we dont have any desire to go back!
we went to share a message with a member and her boyfriend, and they made us home made fries and burgers! they were so good it was ridiculous! then we ran over to Carole's house with Brother Henry and we taught a lesson there, and she asked us to bless her house and then we explained the priesthood and said we could give her a blessing, and she was like "Please!?" and we did and she said immideatley after "that was powerful. thankyou"---side note, i have been thinking alot about the miracles that Christ did, both in Jerusalem and America, and i was also thinking about how he raised the dead and then i thought about Elijah and Elisha, and how they also raised the dead with the priesthood. that really got me thinking about how we have that same priesthood as worthy members of the church, and that if God wants, i can also do that! How much does He love us!? its like, more than we can understand.
we did exchanges this week too, and those were super fun, Elder Maono and I had a "competetion" to see how many cards we could give out on the train rides, it was pretty sweet, then we stumbled upon a horse place and we pet prize winning race horses. that was fun, but they werent very nice...
we had family home evening on friday and like nobody came, Except Madalina, shes loyal, even if we change the days! she is doing very well aswell; and she was trying to watch conference but it wasnt happening... oh well... :P
AND GENERAL CONFERENCE. i cant even begin to describe how pumped i am about conference. AND, because of the time differences i didnt get to watch Sunday afternoon, so theres still more treasures to discover! :) we watched conference at the church by our house, and we pretty much hung out there all day sunday cause we watched priesthood, then saturday afternoon, then sunday morning, then we went home. lots of conference! :P i am not even going to try to begin to describe how much i loved conference, the spirit was so strong and i was touched so many times! plus i shook hands with 2 people who gave talks! and i LOVE the personal testimonies of Christ at the end of the apostles talks, THAT is probably my favourite part of conference. i love how personally they know and love the Savior. I want that so bad, just to know Him. like when Elder cook said "i know
Him, i know His voice" AAAH! yes please.
well, i love you all, i hope you all watched conference, if you didnt... well, you know what you need to do!
no pics cause i dont have my adapter thingy! :) <3 much love!

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