Thursday, April 23, 2015

April 20, 2015

one more glorious week came and went, and now Bennett and I are potentially in our last week together. and that makes me sad. But theres a chance ome freak accident could happen and we could stay together, that would be interesting!

also, i realized that in my rush of sending decent weekly emails i have forgotten to send you pictures! i knew something was missing! :P ill fix dat.
so on monday we had a super sweet lesson at Alexandra's house, and Madalina came, it was awesome, we had a really good discussion, then towards the end Guerda and Sando showed up and we were able to share another message with them. Guerda has been having a pretty hard time lately with back problems (hers are much more severe than mine) and its been hard to be able to console her, but though the scriptures i think we were able to give her a comforting hope. i love scriptures so much!
tuesday was pretty good, we had district meeting and ate raclette. SO GOOD.
we also got to teach our bestfriends Opoku and Yeboah and Nanayaa, multiple times thoughout the week, but on tuesday we got to focus more on learning french, and we have been doing it through the scriptures! one person will read a verse then the next person translates it and reads the next one in french, and we continue in a circle like that, ive learned a whole bunch too! funny enough, Opoku is the only one who hasnt been to school in france for french, and his french is the best out of the 3... power of the scriptures yet again!
we also taught Vita, and things have been going super well with the help of Brother and Sister Michaud.
then on wednesday we had a fun time on exchanges, we had the pleasure of welcoming a referral to the church to give her a tour. super good experience. her name is Onise, and she has the CUTEST kid. oh man. she asked me to hold him... so much temptation, but i refused and explained that its against the rules. you all better be proud of me. we also learned how to do geneology! i thought that because almost all my family tree is done that theres less for me to do... oh how wrong i am. theres alot i gotta get goin on when i get home!
on thursday we had the wonderful pleasure of escorting Smith on his Pday (missionaries who leave the mission usually get one Paris P-day the day before they fly home, but smith is going early so he had no other companionless friends to acompany him, so we got to have an extra Pday!) Many glorious things happened. it started by running into my bestie, not so Elder Ethan Ruttan, he was just hangin out at the church in Paris... what!? so yeah, were going to hang out with him today on our pday! we also went to Sacré coeur, and up the eiffle tower! :) yipee!
and we had a sweet lesson with Carole, she made us dinner and we showed her the church websites on her computer, she got WAY too excited that the mormon tabernacle choir was mostly white. shes like "a choir for Jesus, and its almost all white people!" "there are so many white people who believe in Christ!" "where did you get so many good white singers that believe in God?" and other humorous things, but in her defense, are all very true statements!
friday we did some weekly planning and had family home evening, it was pretty good, the branch president, Brother Crucy did the spiritual thought, and it was super funny, and very insightful! pingpong and games after were fun too!
saturday we had the pleasure of going back to the Sekyere families house to teach Opoku and Yeboah and Nanayaa, and we had a good discussion on scripture study, and we went online to find a scripture reading chart, and we all committed to read the book of mormon in 120 days (goin back to President Hinkleys chalenge in 2005) im reading mine backwards, because i think it will be an interesting twist that i havent done yet, but i think i will get some new insights. ill read in english and french, depending on my daily needs!
we also went back to Caroles house, and she made us FouFou, its like, a very sticky glue that you dip in broth/chicken juice, it was super interesting... i didnt love it, but i liked eating african food! its fun to discover cultures and foods!
and sunday was good aswell, we went to church, as usual... that was boss. and then we went home and ate, did some studies, and headed up to Brother Henrys house to follow up on his member-missionary plan. that went semi-sell... not sure exactly what happened cause his wife speaks french sorta... its haitian creole, so i was catchin like 30-45%, but we were lost. then we had snacks and left! it was a good evenin!
now its today, were going to hang out with Ex-Elder Ruttan, so thats why were emailing so early today! have a good week loved ones, you are exactly that... LOVED! :)

ugh... i cant add pictures... my files are corrupted, and the computer refuses to touch it... whateves! sorry for you!
talk to you later!

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