Tuesday, May 12, 2015

May 11, 2015

So... Life here in St. Ouen is still in existance, which is a miracle in itself! and we are happy and healthy, so what more could ya ask for!? how about a free baptism? that'd be cool right? well that happened too.
Because me and my comp are both brand-spankin'-new to the area, we just take over the investigators from the other two missionaries that we replaced. normal! but Kelly had a baptismal date set when we arrived, so we taught him 2 times and then, yesterday, he was baptized! it was a super good experience, he invited like 30 family members and friends, none of which are members. this guy is the bomb! he is doing so much misisonary work, being such a good example to those who are around him! i am so glad i got to be a part of his conversion experience!
we are also priveleged to be teaching some other amazing people!
On tuesday we did service for this really old member who has been collecting posters for like 40 years or something... and they are in his apartment on the 4th floor... and we were so very lucky to get to carry them down to his truck! it was actually pretty cool, hes got a LOT of posters. they were rolled up in tubes the size of dessert plates (thats the best description ive got in my mind...) but yeah, that was pretty fun! We also taught Frank, he came to france from colombia and is working on getting married so that he can be baptized, hopefully that happens in the next few months!
we also got to meet some new members this week, that was a good time, the ward took a temple trip to London on thursday fridayand saturday, and we got to teach a member family with a daughter who just got baptized and another daughter that was about to go to the temple! so thats was sweet!
on thursdady we were going to go get my comps legality, but we missed our train and had nothing planned for the day so we went and worked, that was good cause we dont really have any beginner stage investigators, only people that want to be baptized but are waiting to get married first. blegh. so working is good! :)
friday we taught a less active dude basil, and hes super chill, 
saturday we were preparing for the baptism, and we went to another members house, she made us food and it was preeeeetty good! we also got to go there with this 18 year old member who is here for studies, hes super cool and hes planning on servin a misison, so thatll be good!
then on sunday we went to church, had a baptismal service for Kelly afterwards, and then i got to skype my Vunderful family! :)
tahts the week homies, life is good! pray for my protection... <3

this is a cobblestone road they just paved over... Go France!... :l
this is a starwars dude made out of lego, dope.
and this is kellys 'family' :P so boss.

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