Tuesday, May 12, 2015

May 8, 2015

this week has been pretty good! it feels like ive been here forever!
it was super hard to say goodbye to everyone, but its been good too, cause like, thats just part of mission life, gotta keep changing, livin it up, right? :)
since ive been here its been wuite the adventure! just like last time... when you whitewash you kinda just do your best and hope taht everyone understands. the members here are super chill! weve eaten at their houses so much! and we already have some decent friendships. i am a little lost with the area, and with what we did and everything, so im just going go let ya know that it was a good week, its been fun, my comp is awesome, the area is sketchy so pray for my protection. please! and we can see SacréCoeur from our apartment window! heres a picture, and heres a delicious icecream a member made us! life is good! i love you all!

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