Tuesday, May 12, 2015

April 28, 2015

Transfers happened! i am moving to St Ouen, still in greater Paris, actually neighboring areas to the one im in. the area im going to is appareantly more ghetto that the one im in. i thought aulnay was the most ghetto, but turns out it gets worse! but worse really means better, cause where the people are poor, they are more humble. and more ready for the gospel! Im whitewashing again, so thats ugh, going to be fun again!
this week was pretty bomb though! in a good way!
the lessons we had with madalina went super well, i hope she gets baptized before i leave paris so i can go to the baptism! that goes for all our investigators actually... i am so anxious for them to be baptized! ahg.
tuesday we had a good dinner appointment at the Castenhieras house, and they made us BBQ, and earlier in the day we had a district meeting and we had BBQ, it was delish! such a good district meeting! i can also send you a picture cause i have one thats not on my camera. still having camera probs though. they just wont update. BUT soon i will have an iPad, so i can attach live selfies to all my emails. whos pumped? all of you should be.
on thusday we had a really good lesson with Onise, (the one with the super adorable baby that i never got a picture of) and she came to church on sunday! so awesome! :)
we also had a pretty fun family home evening, it was a rather good time, we played pictionary... oh man, the drawing capabilities of some people just makes me laugh so hard! we had such a good time :P
on saturday we were setting up for the musical fireside that happened that evening, and the whole day was just super fun! i got to do the Technical stuff for the whole show, which consisted of wireless mics and music and stuff... it wasnt the biggest deal, but i felt like i contrubuted, and i got to be all techie! it was good! :) there was also a strawberry themed buffet after and that was delicious!
sunday was great, we went to Alexandra and Guerdas house for lunch and we had a good time there, saying goodbye and all that sad stuff.
and monday was a conference and me dropping by the Sekyeres to say goodbye to them... :,( so sad. but, C'est la vie!
hope you all had a good week! heres my new address:
Les Missionnaires Elder Oviatt
164 Avenue Du Président Wilson
93210 Saint-Denis-La-Plaine

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