Monday, October 14, 2013

October 14, 2013

  okay so last p-day, you all got the update and stuff, so that was pretty sick. but after i sent the weekly update we had classes and stuff, and Soeur Judas started a discussion on revelation through the book of mormon and our whole class had at least one personal story on how the book of mormon has helped them answer a question or to find comfort. it was amazing. we all went around the room bearing our testimonies and how we ppersonally seek revelation through the scriptures, it was the coolest thing. the book of mormon is truly written for us in these latter days. i think its so sweet how personal we can find the book of mormon if we truly search it out and stay patient.
  later that night i made plan of salvation cards to help me teach the lesson on the plan of happiness, and the whole class was super impressed with my amazing art skills. i work WONDERS with scripture highlighters and a pens. the lesson the next day went well, when we had to actually use the cards, i wrote the scripture referances for each principal on the back of the card so its super handy. then we sang in choir that day too, choir at the mtc is so amazing. this week we are singing Praise To The Man, and they are broadcasting the devotional to all the MTCs around the world, so im pretty sure were going to have an apostle or a member of the First Presidency. so that should be promising, its tomorrow night, so ill let ya know next week what happened!
  then the next day we had to teach Soeur Judas, and we also taught her the plan of salvation, but we forgot the cards... :/ but its okay because we asked her loads of questions so we didnt even finish half the lesson so we finished it later in the week and remembered to bring the cards this time. then later that night I was trying to convince Soeur Dick, this awesome sister in our zone, (she left for montreal this morning) to ditch her boyfriend and have austen write her when he gets home, because apparently montreal is one of the missions with the highest rate of sisters and elders getting married from the same mission, so that would be cool. cause shes awesome. mostly i was just finding something to distract myself with, but then on Saturday soeur Dick got a letter from her actual boyfriend, and she Dear-Jane'd her! so that's sad but also just a hilarious coincidence!
  the next day i realized how flooded our room was getting with food. there's actually food everywhere, i found a bag of HI-CHEWS that day and ate them all, because they are amaazing. but also on that day we taught TRC lessons again, and that was actually so cool. we taught these two Haitian ladies who immigrated here and they gave us their whole background and how their whole family got baptized except for the one ladies daughter. our lesson was focused on Elder Ballard's talk from conference about member missionary work, so at the end of our lesson we extended a pretty hefty challenge, to pray twice a day for specific missionary experiences and to read a specific scripture every day for two weeks(we had a list for them) and we promised that if they did it that their missionary experiences would increase amazingly. then they agreed BUT only if we would pray for the one ladies inactive son and the other ladies non-member daughter to become interested in the church, so of course we agreed!
  the day after that we finished teaching soeur judas "le plan du salut" and that went pertty well, but we were all super tired and i fell asleep, so elder bruno made me a bed out of desks so i migrated to that, and next thing i know i was being talked to about being a divine elect called of god and i got a nice stern talking to, but it was actually motivating. after that i got super in depth with the concept of the watchman on the tower, and i like read online about it and stuff, so that actually ended up being beneficial!
  On saturday we had service and we were on garbage changing duty, not even that bad cause every garbage was pretty much empty already. then after that i had a nap, because we have a lot of free time on saturdays and sundays, then soeur judas taught the whole class as though we were investigators, so that was pretty alright, then after we had zone teaching, and that was amazing. so inspiring. it made me wish i had been a better missionary before i got out here, because whenever i talked about my mission i would try to teach in a very literal way so as to not invite the spirit, cause it made me uncomfortable or something, so thats something we should all embrace. the spirit is there for a reason. without the spirit we are just all part of some weird club, but we arent. we have god with us, and the spirit really testifies of that. we really don't do anything when it comes to true conversion. And on sunday night we had choir practice which was amazing as always. the choir director always shares like a spiritual thought in the middle of the practice and its amazing. and also, elder baldwin got a halloween package from his grandparents so i decorated the class room with green spiderwebs!

thats pretty much it! 

with much love from your favorite missionary, 

Elder "Deliciousness" Oviatt

the first picture is of my companions toe-thumbs, my (normal) thumb is on the left an his toe-thumb is on the left.
the next one is of my face reflection in the window of our classroom. i probably spend 10 minutes a day looking at my messed up face...
then the district that left this morning had a going away party... i wasnt invited (they are all going to montreal and were probably just afraid i would make all the other canadians look bad on their missions)

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