Monday, October 28, 2013

October 28. 2013

woot-woot! (thats what my teacher used to always say, and we loved it cause shes french and she has an accent. we also like it when she sais "lol") im headed to france in 2 hours! holy moly. DIGGITY DANG. my excitement doesnt come through so well over e-mail.

heres your weekly update! i dont have my journal so im just throwin this together from mem'ry. i hope you LOVE it.

so tuesday i dont remember who spoke at the devotional, but it was pretty cool, i wasnt super interested for some reason, and the guy in front of me was full on asleep, so i took advantage of that. by the end of the devotional i had put 3 or 4 gum wrappers, like 8 napkins, and a bunch of paper bits left over in my notebook from tearing pages out. so when he woke up he was pretty mad. his companions were laughing with me except one of the guys fromn his district was straight peeved. that just encouraged me more.

wendesday i dont remember alot happening other than when we did hosting we were in charge of traffic so i was like waving cars past trying my hardest not to laugh at all the moms bawling. the best sight i saw was one massive "provo-wagon" its like a full-cab extended box truck turned into a van. there is probably like 12 or 13 seats. Ridonk. but anyways, the provowagon had a mother completely smothered in tissues, wearing those huge bug sunglasses trying to hide the tears, and they had tissue boxes on the front dash board. i tried extra hard to smile at sad moms, but inside i cant help but laugh a little.

thursday we had "in-field orientation" 8 hours of class preparing us for the field. one dude from "the district" was working (hes kinda a celebrity to missionaries) so that was mildly interesting, the rest of the day just seemed to take forever.

friday we had our last gym day... sad sad day. :'( i played 4 square and dominated. i never realized how intense that game can get. all you prospective missionaries, start brushing up on your foursquare techniques, cause that game is LEGIT. friday was also the last day we had to teach our "investigators" we had the nicest final lessons. they were hot. 

saturday we said goodbye to the teachers because that was the last day we could see them, they taught us about the "investigators" they were acting out. they were both real people they taught on their missions so it was cool to see what they looked like in real life! then we pretty much just packed the rest of the day,

sunday was a normal sunday, me and elder Fults got to bless the sacrament in french for our branch, so that was sick-nasty, everybody who was leaving wore black in mourning of our d-parture, so i have pictures of that. theres only going to be 3 elders and 3 sisters tomorrow, the elders are all zone-leaders and the sisters are all sister-training leaders. but none of them have anybody to be responsible for, so i find that rather humorous. later that night we had our departure devotional, then the usual sunday devotional, then we went off and watched church movies, we all watched Joseph Smith the Prophet of the Restoration~in Franch, then after that we went back to the classroom only to realize that we would never see the France-Lyon missionaries again because they were leaving at 5am. so that was a long depressing goodbye... but once we got back to the residence we had a blast. i had a bottle of martinellis and some rootbeer and we all just drank soda and hung out. i came up with a genius plan the other day to stay awake all night sunday night so i would sleep on the plane, so i would be ready to go when i get to france tomorrow morning. im kinda a boss. so i was only up till 2am, but i think my plan will still work.

I LOVE YOU ALL. Hugs n' Kisses <3 XOXoxoxXOxOOxxooxXoxOx

Everyones Favorite Elder,
Kaden "CanadianBacon" Oviatt

(P.S. I always fight with my zone on the legitimacy of "canadian bacon" and why they call it canadian. cause in canada we all call it ham. silly 'muricans...)

the picture is of the whole Zone,we are beautiful people.

 Last temple walk :'(        

   check out the gorgeous sunrise this mornin!

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