Monday, October 21, 2013

October 21, 2013

okay so i didnt write in my journal until friday night this week. so most of the days are going to be very brief. not alot happened though so theres nothing really to miss!

okay so last tuesdays devotional was pretty cool, DALLIN H. OAKS was there and i was 15 rows away from the pulpit. freakin awesome. and when his talk was done i ran around out front to the door and he waved at our little group of missionaries and it was actually flippin sweet. he is such an amazing man! 
the next day was pretty sick, we hosted missionaries, which is always a good time! then we taught our "investigator" but this time it was in english, it actually helped us all out so much cause it helped us realize that lessons are just like conversations, they arent jsut us talking the whole time. so i think our lessons have all gotten pretty good since that. 
thursday was amazing too, we did TRC for these two old dues, instead of two 20 minute lessons we had to teach one 40 minute lesson, kinda intimidating at first but it was actually pretty easy. they were pretty chill, my companion was having a hard time speaking loud enough for them to hear him, but i have the experience of talking loud for old people (thanks dad!) then whats even more exciting is that we got our travel plans! so the whole night we were all pretty excited! so coooooool. ill be at the airport in exactly a week.
then nothing really happened on friday, but on saturday soeur Judas was telling us that everyday god gives us something to be greatful for, so from now on im going to write down the daily blessing. sundays daily blessing was the sorbet for lunch, i love sorbet. and also i got a double size portion of mashed potatoes, so that was a sick bonus! sunday night devotional was flipping hilarious. the speaker was Stephen b Allen, hes in charge of missionary something or other. the point is he had a funny talk, which doesnt usually happen on sundays, and after we watched a video on the ministry of Thomas S Monson, and he is just such a great guy. such a loving prophet. i love that guy. another blessing of yesterday is that during the devotional an elder played an amazing song on the piano. it was a mashup of a poor wayfaring man and praise to the man, it was called carthage and the elder just played. he didng have music. im pretty sure half of it was improv cause he made the arrangement himself. it was so epic.
last night before i went to bed i stretched for like 15 minutes, it was an amazing sleep. slept like a baby. GLORIOUS.

i watched an interesting talk from Elder Bednar, i dont think the public has access to it, but it was called "recognizing the spirit" and it was full of amazing points.
first and foremost, if you are always worrying about feeling the spirit, you probably wont feel the spirit.
Dont just sit and wait for a dramatic message from god. you have to work for it. read your scriptures, pray, serve others. Elder Bednar said "If we follow Him, come unto Him, He shouldn't have to be constantly smacking us with the Holy Ghost." he told a story about how he had 3 instances that he followed the promptings of teh spirit without knowing it. sometimes we wont feel it, we will just do something thatll be inspired of god. something you couldnt have accomplished without the holy ghost.

well, you stay classy...

Elder "soggy-bottom" Oviatt

Inline image 3
just an epic picture i took at the temple yesterday
Inline image 4another picture of the district, this week we were supposed to be wearing a rainbow

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