Monday, March 10, 2014

March 10, 2014

so this week was pretty boring, elder ruttan was recovering from being sick, then theres me, just starting to get sick. the first few days we barely left the apartment. Elder Ruttan always sais that the results of not working dont hit for a week or two, so this week was still fine, but next week should be full of finding! so thats lame.
we got some pretty sad news, a sister missionary in melun(we have sisters and elders) has been having health problems for a while and president told her shes getting sent home because french doctors are garbage. so once thats settled she can come back. whe has been in melun exactly as long as i have, so we are pretty tight, its been over 3 months. so thats sad, but God knows whats up, so everything will be fine. cool thing though, because she is going home, her companion is going to another area, so itll be back to just elders. thats cool because our work should have been really slow next week but now we have to take all the sisters' investigators and keep teaching them. God knew what he was doing when me and Elder Ruttan got sick!
also, we have been blessed these last few transfers, killian and bryan are getting baptised, maurice and odile also have a date, and lasst night we went to teach Jean-Paul, and we havent seen him in a while cause he had apendicitis, but last night elder ruttan said "and we are going to leave you with the same invitation as always" refering to a chapter tor ead and to pray, but jean paul interrupted with "i know baptism, how about in 2 weeks?" i didnt think i would see the day where he would get baptised! but hey! god is mysterious! needless to say elder ruttan andi skipped home from that appointment!
i dont really have alot else to share, but its been rainin blessings! so offer a prayer of thanks in my behalf!
i also didnt take any pictures this week... so this is lame but sorry, have a great week!
Elder Kevin Oviatt

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