Wednesday, March 26, 2014

March 24, 2014

So the transfer is already half over, 3 short weeks left in the beautiful promised land of melun! this passed week we have had quite a bit happen! we had a missionary zone conference, and we got flyers to put in mailboxes a couple days before we go porting in the area, so the people have a heads up! we are supposed to deliver the easter flyers then pass back within a few days and present a message of the atonement, genius idea! except that Elder Ruttan and i have had ZERO time to go porting, let alone to pre-deliver flyers... but we are going to try our best to follow instruction because it will help us out greatly! so we havent had any super ridiculous miracles like usual, which is fine, cause the fact that we have 7 people getting ready to be baptised and another 5 with baptismal dates fixed is a miracle in itself! Maurice and Odile are going to talk to somebody about getting married so they can be baptised, Killian and Bryan are going to be baptised this saturday, Amoako keeps coming to church and has accepted the idea of authority, and also has gotten over the fact that we dont baptise in rivers like jesus was baptised, he also gave awa all the church pamphelets we give him to his friend and also showed them the restoration video! hes a better missionary than most of our members! and Mme Moulin keeps saying how good it feels to be at church and how her heart beats all the time! we also have some new investigators this week! we were teaching this lady chrystelle a couple months ago but she went to africa, she got home and we got in contact with her again! and we went for a lesson and only her sister was there, so we watched the restoration video and before we even offered she asked for a book of mormon! crazy! so cool! we also have been contacting some referrals and we have found this golden family, 4 generations all living in one house, only the women and children though. not sure what happened to the men. but we taught a lesson and are trying to get back there but the lady of the house wors 2 jobs and is never home. rough situation! anyhow! life here is great! ill have some pictures with white clothing in them next week! cool thin about killian and bryan, i helped teach their dad bertrand and i helped him get baptised, now im helping him prepare himself to baptise his kids! its cool to see how much i can be accomplished! i love it! also we went on exchanges this week and it was erally cold the whole time. i dont like exchanges much cause i have to sleep in someone elses bed, it just doesnt feel at home. no good. but its great to see how other missionaries work and contact! :)
OH! also this week we went to Chateau Fontainebleau, the chateau where all(i think) the kings of france lived, and where napoleon lived too. sickest thing. i cant believe somebody called that home! its huuuuge! like it had a chapel in it there was so many people. they also have pretty cute gardens outside and its all pretty and flowery because its Spring here! i am loving the great weather! cant wait till after conference and i can start wearing just a white shirt and tie! its going to be GLORIOUS!

Wise Words from my pal Ezra TaftBenson “The great task of life is to learn the will of the Lord and then do it.”

well, until next time folks,
Elder Kaden FancyPants Oviatt

Photograph Legend:
1 thats the empress' bedroom, only half of it, the other half was just fancy tables and wall tapestries.
2 just a normal ceiling...


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